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how do i 5

Posted Over 3 Years ago by Joey Fatone

Jump Out of my own mouth? Has anyone here ever done this successfully? Is it dangerous?

There are 5 Replies

You canít jump out of your mouth. Or anyone elses

Over 3 Years ago

It’s extremely dangerous. You can evert your entire epithelium and wind up with all your internal organs outside.
There’s also the distension problem, which is even more uncomfortable for a Fatone than a Thinone.

Over 2 Years ago

Jumping out of your own mouth is about as successful as someone reading my own reply in this thread.

Over 2 Years ago

The key to jumping out of your own mouth is using your tongue as a sledge.

Over 2 Years ago
Sky's the limit

Apparently jumping out of your own mouth is rather successful.

Over 2 Years ago

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