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Havent been on since probably 07 or 08

Posted 1 Month ago by Toyotomi_Hideyoshi

Just stumbled upon this place when I was googling my old usernames for fun. While it’s definitely quieter here, it’s nice to reminisce on old memories. I hope everyone is well.

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I remember you very well, either from the Pointless, RPG Chat, or both.

1 Month ago

Oh my god, I remember you!

This is ghost Gal / Ninja Gal 15, we used to email.
I remember when GTR was around, we were looking to try to bring Ryuu back. Does my old email - kittylmc1991@aim ring a bell?

I was looking for you recently. Hit me up on discord sometime: jade22020#4746

1 Month ago
Weird Occurance


A blast from the fucking past right there.

1 Month ago

SOH, yeah, surprisingly it's still active after all these years lol was my first AIM email address I made and it's mostly a spam-catcher now. lol

Back then, I needed to use AIM because I didn't have a cell phone so was my only means of trying to stay in touch with people :P

1 Month ago
Weird Occurance

Yes! It’s been eons! I don’t have discord but I assume it’s marginally easy to sign up.

1 Month ago

If you don't have discord, you can just text me - 203 536 7786 -- just looking forward to catching up!

1 Month ago
Weird Occurance

Welcome I"m the resident crotchety old man with severe melancholic depression and borderline personality disorder.

1 Month ago

I turn 69 this coming Sat the 6th.
How old you?

1 Month ago

I 100% remember a user by this name back in these days....used to do clan rp, naruto/ninja related. I can't even remember my old name 100% tbh. Slasherkai? Shukun? Like 30 of us went off and made our own forum RP because i think some of us got banned. I am wondering if you are the same guy?

3 Weeks ago

Come join us on the Discord! That is where most convos are held nowadays. I miss forums and honest to god need to post here more... I'm semi-new to the GT, but have heard of it way back via Google.

2 Weeks ago

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