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Video Games

Halp? I need help looking for pc games plz

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Tek Shmansen

So I'm getting a gaming laptop. It'll come with Outriders (which looks pretty dope). I'm asking for help finding other games. I like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Horizon: Zero Dawn, FF, Kingdom Hearts, BioShock, Skyrim and Oblivion before it, etc.

Not a fan of strategy games (would've loved Brütal Legend if not for the strategy battle bs), realistic shooters (never going to play COD), or playing online in ways where randos can come kill me and loot me.

Not sure what other info to give. I really want a new Elder Scrolls. And the remastered Mass Effect series. But I don't know what else to look for.

Again, halp?

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Resident Evil 2 remake and 7 are solid games you can try. The former one is solid.

2 Weeks ago
Panty Tight Kitten

Planet Coaster is a nice game. Make your own theme park. If you're into arena shooters, try getting the Epic Games Launcher and downloading Unreal Tournement. Fortnite is a pretty common recommendation, but they've made changes that work against the game's favor in the latest releases.

Other than that, most console games, especially the multiplatform AAA ones, are available on PC.

2 Weeks ago

I have a couple of games in mind you may like.

You may Consider Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas as those are somewhat similar to Elder Scrolls though not sure if you're down for the setting (post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout).

There is also Final Fantasy XV. Though it breaks away from the standard Final Fantasy formula, it's quite good.

I also started playing Valheim here recently. It's largely a survival "build stuff" game. You generally upgrade your equipment to take on bosses and get different abilities to get stronger and such. It can be relaxing at times.

2 Weeks ago
Forte Lambardi

Thanks y'all!

Pantiger (not your name, I'm just an asshole)- ooh I haven't looked that way in years. Like since the first couple. Good call!

Mariomguy- Not certain about the coaster one but ooh yeah I'll look into your other suggestions (I'm not patient enough for building stuff prolly maybe?)

Fortissimo- I need to give Fallout(s) another try. Got them on PS4, wimped out after a few hours bc things irl got more uncertain (the president at the time was that one person). My spouseketeer has/beaten FF XV, there was just too much extra bullshit for me. All the cooking and driving and things I super didn't pay attention to. I'm far too distracted and stupid for paying THAT much attention. Maybe I'm superwrong and need to give it another go. And Valheim, eh? I'll checkiddout.


2 Weeks ago
Tek Shmansen

Not certain about the coaster one but ooh yeah I'll look into your other suggestions (I'm not patient enough for building stuff prolly maybe?)

PC is great for sim games. If you just want to relax and unwind, Planet Coaster is perfect.

2 Weeks ago

Huh. That sounds really nice.

2 Weeks ago
Tek Shmansen

The soundtrack (to get a feel for the vibe):

2 Weeks ago

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