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Good recent RPGs

Posted 1 Week ago by Ratatoskr

Has anyone played any good RPGs lately? I feel like that's an itch I have a hard time scratching. Spellforce is pretty good but I fell off of it. Tyranny is probably still my all time favorite but I wish we could get a second game or at least some expansions. I recently got Hand of Merlin but I haven't actually started playing it yet. Kingdom Come Deliverance held me for a long time but I also haven't gotten back into that in a while.

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So a good RPG I’ve played recently is actually a 20 year old JRPG on the Dreamcast Called Skies of Arcadia. It isn’t your typical JRPG but has many elements from them. It was later ported to the GameCube with additional content and slightly enhanced graphics. Definitely worth a play through if anyone has either system and can find a copy of the game.

I also just started a play through of Rogue Galaxy on PS4. So far it’s interesting but not sure how I like it yet.

1 Week ago
True Q

Wasteland 3 is pretty good if you're into post-apocalypse settings. One of the things I really like about it is that it avoids the modern tendency to let the player "solve all the problems". You can't make everyone happy, and often the morally 'correct' choice doesn't lead to the best outcome. It forces you to make some interesting decisions as you go. You can also play it in co-op mode with one other person.

Not exactly recent, but two of my favorite RPGs from the last decade are Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin 2. If you haven't played them, I'd highly recommend checking them out. Just make sure you get the "enhanced edition" of DOS. These also support co-op - 2 players for DOS 1 and up to 4 for DOS 2.

1 Week ago
Count Dooku

Atelier Ryza is a good one. Dragon Quest XI, too. I assume that you already know of those two, though.

Have you tried Yakuza: Like A Dragon? The MC is a huge Dragon Quest fan, so he "imagines" all of his fights as turn-based battles. An HD re-release of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne recently came out on Steam. Persona 4 Golden has also gotten a Steam release, and that's a GREAT game. Digimon Cyber Sleuths is supposed to be pretty good. Hyperdimension Neptunia is another one that's supposed to be good. Both of the South Park RPGs are supposed to be good ones. I've also heard good things about Tales of Bersia and the Trail of Cold Steel series.

Of course, there's also LITERALLY ALL of the Final Fantasy games on Steam and Android/iOS.

If you want more of a live-action RPG, I STRONGLY recommend Dot Hack G.U.. I fucking LOVED that game back in high school, and the Steam version has a fourth game to it. Unfortunately, I haven't actually played it yet, because I'm waiting to get a new PC before I start working through my backlog of Steam games, and it's probably going to take until fucking 2022 before GPUs are available again. There was another live-action RPG I wanted to recommend, but now I can't remember what it was. It's really bugging me, too, because I know it was a good one. Maybe I'll remember it later.

1 Week ago
Axem Great Water

Of course, there's also LITERALLY ALL of the Final Fantasy games on Steam and Android/iOS.

Don’t know how much of a console player you are but I think all FF games are ok Switch now as well.

1 Week ago
True Q

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