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futuretheism will brahman become adonai

Posted Over 3 Years ago by *MMM*

I am an atheist, and I think atheism is demonstrably true given the argument from evil and the incoherence of libertarian free will (one does what one desires to do, and you can't choose your desires). However, I'm not a materialist--I'm an idealist, and I think we are all streams in one Consciousness (I label it Brahman, which is the Hindu term for the ultimate reality).

I think Brahman is slowly evolving, and getting better and better. Just look at how fast technology is improving. Eventually, She will learn that happiness is all that matters. The Jewish G-d Adonai will finally exist in the Messianic Age.

What do you think?

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I think that if you were to write a different definition of god on every page of every book in every library on Earth, that you would still not come close to encapsulating even just the emanated aspects of whatever "god" turns out to be.

...but it's nice to think that we have a handle on things.

Over 3 Years ago

When deny the existence of God, by God, I am referring to a being that is omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect (and/or all-loving). If someone defines 'God' in a different way, then it's a whole different subject. If someone defines 'dog' as a cheeseburger, I can't stop them, but we're talking about different things.

In the Messsianic Age, Consciousness will have no pain. Brahman will have morphed into G-d, an all-loving reality.

Over 3 Years ago

I can't stop them, but we're talking about different things.

Yes, quite. For instance, you're talking about a hippie pipe dream of an age without pain brought about by some vague, shallow theo-cosmology shift, whereas I'm talking about the cold, challenging idea that god, transcendent and sublime, cannot be accurately described by even the totality of the reality that we live in.

Yes, you can call a cheeseburger a dog. But that doesn't make a painting of a pipe into an actual pipe.

Over 3 Years ago

If someone defines 'dog' as a cheeseburger, I can't stop them, but we're talking about different things.


Over 3 Years ago
Carbon Efffigy
Oxygen Effigy

What do you think?

I think you're making William of Ockham cry.

Then again I did say something on another forum earlier this week that wasn't too different:

"If humans do have a natural purpose my best guess is that it would fall along the lines of perpetuating intelligent life across time and space as much as possible, and that every human being on this planet should conduct their daily life towards this end however microscopic their contribution may be. The prokaryotes and eukaryotes did something similar to this epochs ago and gave rise to multicellular life. If we follow their example who knows what will happen."

Over 3 Years ago
Louis De Pointe du Lac
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