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fanfic people lffw 20032005ish etc

Posted 2 Months ago by platinum_GT

Does anyone remember the League of Fan Fiction Writers? I should preface that I was a regular from 2003-2005, but there are a cast of characters I have fond memories posting with during that time.

I believe a user with the name Shadow was the granter of the LFFW title. I remember when I got the nod to be a part of that elite tier I was absolutely elated. Personally I used to post about Pokemon I believe. It’s been so long, I regrettably forget some of the other user’s names as well.

I’ll admit: I don’t know if I’d ever look back at my Fanfics or posts. Why? Because I was 11-12 years old writing them. Looking over some of these posts and comments, a lot of you guys were around the same age and feel the same way, and I feel pretty related to. Personally, I don’t keep up with any sorts of Fandom, but am a sports-crazy person. Everyone retains their nerddom in some form or fashion!

Anyone from the LFFW, Inuyasha (I think?), DBZ or general Anime from that time? Holler that shit if you remember!!!!

I may receive little fanfare as I never gave my real name or hungout outside the forum. But it’s not about me; lemme hear your LFFW/2000’s memories!

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