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Does anyone remember Ansem The Wise/Ansem The Powerful Sorcerer, Danny711, or DemonDogHD?

Posted 7 Months ago by Cyrus

Ansem and Danny used to populate the KH forum around 2005-2008 and DDHD was mainly in Pointless if I remember correctly.

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I remember that name but not much else.

7 Months ago
Grey Echelon

Def recognize HD’s name - I know some people who are still in touch with him.

Ansem, nah, but always reminds me of the name Anser. Always wondered what happened to them.

Danny’s name is extremely familiar, but don’t remember much else.

7 Months ago
Weird Occurance

I also know some people still in touch with demondogHD.

7 Months ago

Okay after looking through the database:

  • Riku probably knows Ansem, judging by this post:
    Riku's still active here.

  • Danny711 posted here twice, 9 years ago:

  • 7 Months ago

    I remember Demon Dog HD! Never knew them outside of GT though.

    7 Months ago

    Xhin & Weird: Why doesn't HD visit the site?

    7 Months ago

    To be honest I just kinda forgot about it after highschool. Been keeping pretty busy IRL. Kinda weird to see this honestly.

    7 Months ago

    Demon Dog , you have OF?

    7 Months ago
    Netflix and SD


    6 Months ago
    Dog DemonHD

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