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Bummed, I have a counterfeit HeartGold.

Posted 5 Months ago by ravenspirit

Hubby and I bought a 3ds from a local seller. The game came with it and was priced as either he didn't know what game he had or he knew it was counterfeit. We didn't buy it for the game, we just needed a console. But after trying to resell the game later on, everyone kept asking if it was authentic. So I looked into it and deemed it's probably-most likely-a faaaake. Damn!

Are counterfeit games totally useless or can we at least play the game mostly normally? Why do people have to ruin things for others?

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You can usually play them, but they're worth between 15-20 bucks most.

5 Months ago
Cactus Pants

I actually had no idea this was a thing.

5 Months ago

I had no idea either. I'm glad people kept asking because someone had already made an order and paid for it. I was able to refund the money thankfully. As long as it's playable, I could let the kids play it. Still sucks, I was looking forward to that extra money.

5 Months ago

So would that make it HeartPyrite?

5 Months ago

Bahaha. tnu, you win. I got a kick out of that. :D

5 Months ago

As long as it's playable, I could let the kids play it.

Abigail is ten now, right?

1 Month ago

No. I have a counterfeit Heart Gold.

1 Month ago
Cutter Creighton

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