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Best Final Fantasy Character bracket!

Posted 3 Weeks ago by Jet Presto

So, I've made a bracket online to determine the best Final Fantasy character! Well, I made two, but that's because they capped the bracket at 32. I made two to function as a "left side" and a "right side," like you would expect from a March Madness bracket. I have no way to merge them, so essentially, the winner of each "side" will then get their own one-on-one poll to determine the champ!

Of course, there are way more than 64 potential party member characters throughout the franchise. I only incorporated mainline characters (so no spin-offs and sequels). And, well, I tried to keep it on characters that get some meat throughout their respective games. So even though I love Gogo, for example, they're not really prevalent, are completely optional, and are obtained pretty late. I will admit as well to some personal preference seeping in. (Probably one of the more notable absences was Mog, but I dunno, I never personally cared for Mog and never used them when I didn't have to.) I don't think the absentees will be terribly controversial, however, in the sense that none of them were likely going to win the championship. Unless we actually have some pretty hardcore Palom and Porom fans.

Each round will be open for voting for three days. Feel free to vote and share the links to maximize participation!

Go to link

Go to link

There are 13 Replies

I went ahead and added polltab support to the [media] tag, to make this a bit easier to do.

3 Weeks ago

Oh, cool, thanks!

3 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

You really paired someone with Penelo? I mean that's an auto win.

3 Weeks ago
I killed Mufasa

They're mostly randomly paired up, outside of specifically making the main protagonists of VI through IX being specifically placed in separate quadrants. I don't think Penelo is *that* bad a character. (And she does have one vote! So it won't be a shut out.)

Still can't believe I completely forgot literally XIII even existed, never mind any of the characters. Ha.

3 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

First round is in the books! I'm not entirely sure how it dealt with the tie-breaker, although it appears that in both ties, the one I voted for lost. I wonder if it threw out my vote since I created the bracket (which doesn't matter to me.) Either way, on the "right side," we've got:

Zidane v. Rinoa
Rikku v. Kain
Barret v. Celes
Faris v. Locke
Terra v. Wakka
Dagger v. Bartz
Cecil v. Ashe
Steiner v. Tifa

And on the "left side:"

Squall v. Ignis
Galuf v. Aeris
Selphie v. Fran
Yuna v. Vivi
Cloud v. Freya
Yang v. Shadow
Lulu v. Cid (VII)
Cyan v. Auron

(Ha, I already cast one of my votes incorrectly. Ah well.)

Be sure to vote! The same links as the original post will work.

3 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

We're in the...quarterfinals? I somehow lost track, but for anyone interested, we're gettin' there!

Squall vs. Aeris
Fran vs. Vivi
Cloud vs. Shadow
Lulu vs. Auron
Zidane vs. Kain
Celes vs. Locke
Terra vs. Dagger
Cecil vs. Tifa

(So, yeah, quarterfinals since I know how to count, ha.)

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

Lulu vs Auron is a tough choice -- funny how that bracket turned out.

2 Weeks ago

Yeah. Definitely will be sure to remember Final Fantasy XIII is a thing next time I do this, ha. I'm a little surprised Lulu made it to the quarterfinals. Auron I understand. I didn't know there was a decent fanbase for Lulu. I'm curious to see how the Celes v. Locke match winds up. Tried to space things out so we didn't see a lot of characters from the same game go up against each other, but it was inevitable.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

I didn't know there was a decent fanbase for Lulu.

Really good character design. But Auron has really good character design and a way more poignant character arc.

2 Weeks ago

I like Lulu just fine, but she'd be pretty middle of the pack for me, personally.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

I'm a little surprised Lulu made it to the quarterfinals. Auron I understand.

I'm the opposite -- I can see the appeal of Auron but my friends liked Lulu a lot.

I'm curious to see how the Celes v. Locke match winds up.

Yeah that's an interesting one too. I'm a locke guy.

2 Weeks ago

I'm more Celes, but I love so much about VI that I honestly don't know how to choose. Especially since, well, they wind up connected in their threads. It's not like we're talkin' Edgar and Celes here!

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

Quarterfinals time! Some good match-ups.

Squall vs. Vivi
Cloud vs. Auron
Zidane vs. Celes
Dagger vs. Tifa

Have a sneaking suspicion I know who will emerge from this round.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

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