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Best Final Fantasy bracket

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Jet Presto

A new day, a new dumb bracket. Same deal as the Zelda bracket - basically 24 hours to vote each round. I obviously stretched a bit to make it a nice and even 32. So expect some blow-outs in the first round or two.

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How are you voting for Round 1?

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Here's how I'd go:

VII over XI

Pretty self-explanatory. VII is one of the most iconic in the series, and one of the most beloved games in history. XI is an MMO that I'm never gonna play. So. Easy first round match up.

X-2 over XIII-2

Now, I generally don't care much for either of these games, but I do appreciate the ways in which both unnecessary sequels attempt to address some of the weaknesses of their predecessors. X-2 with faster action. XIII-2 with a much less linear design. But in the end, I honestly think - strange choices in changing the world aside - I enjoyed X-2 a little bit more.

V over Tactics S

Never played a Tactics game, but I also do think V is a tad under-appreciated.

Tactics over Mystic Quest

This one I kinda gotta just go with what I've heard. I've played Mystic Quest, and it's...not great. But I've heard a lot of great things about Tactics, so. I'll trust others and give it the edge.

X over Dirge of

Was really reaching here to get to 32. It's funny though; I remember liking Dirge of on the most part when it came out. But I replayed it a few years ago and it's, well, not great. I still have some issues with X, but I secretly do love it even though I complain about it a lot. It was not just a gateway Final Fantasy for me; it was a gateway video game.

I over Tactics Advanced

I is pretty dated and frustrating, but it is *the* one that started it all, and I've never played Tactics Advanced.

XIII over Crisis Core

I don't hate XIII, but boy is it flawed. That said, I do enjoy it on the most part. And I never had access to Crisis Core, so. By default, I gotta go XIII.

VII: Remake over Type-0

Never played Type-0, but it's from a stretch of FF titles that never looked appealing to me. VII: Remake blew me away.

IX over XIV

Again, MMO. I tried a little of XIV and am just never gonna get into them. Conversely, IX is one of the best in the franchise, so. Easy round one match-up.

III/XII: Revenant Wings.

Gotta abstain. Never played either, never had access to them. So. Can't vote on it.

XII over Lightning Returns

Still don't love XII, but I think it's sneakily better than it gets credit for. (Also, admittedly, never played Lightning Returns.)

VIII over Chrystal Chronicles.

Look, is VIII one of the messiest in the bunch? Yes. It's it kinda broken? Yes. Is it kinda unnecessarily convoluted? Also yes. It is one of my all-time favorite games? Well, yes. This is probably the game with the biggest gap between how "good" I think the game actually is and how much I like it. (I think it's fine, but I love it to death.)

VI over Crisis Core

Spin-off versus one of the best in the series. Lots of first round match-ups are pretty simple. This is one of them.

II over IV: The After Years.

Wish I had access to the After Years. Since I've never been able to play it, I gotta go with II by default.

XV over Tactics A2

This one bums me out because I *haaaate* XV. But it's the one I played, so.

IV over Dissidia

IV, to me, is sort of what I think of as when the series really found its footing and established the core elements of the franchise.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

“X-2 over XIII-2”

That’s a bad take if I ever heard one.

2 Weeks ago
Freeman’s crowbar

I don't have strong feelings on that. I don't really care for either of them, but I enjoyed the gameplay of X-2 a little more, is al.

Also just realized I put Crisis Core on there twice and can't for the life of me remember what one of those was supposed to be.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

Oh, I figured out what happened. One of those Crisis Cores was supposed to be Dissidia but I got turned around when making the bracket on that site. Dissidia is on there, but it pushed it to the second round by default. Whoops. Probably doesn't really affect anything though.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

Welp. This is where my goof up is gonna have an impact, I think. Won't dramatically change anything long-term, but I did not intend for FFVII: Remake to go head-to-head with FFIX in the second round.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

Here's how I'm voting (based, sadly, on my broken bracket):

VII over Dissidia.

I mean, I didn't mean to give Dissidia a bye week and automatic entry into the second round. But either way, VII is one of the best in the franchise.

V over X-2.

I feel like V is almost the black sheep of the series. Like no one ever talks about it, and I kinda get why. But it's also a very solid entry in the franchise. Could use more characters/party members, for sure, but otherwise, I feel like it doesn't get enough attention. X-2 has fun combat, and that's about it.

X over Tactics.

Haven't played Tactics, so I go X by default. But as I said, X was a real gateway game for me. Replayed it a couple years ago and it holds up better than I ever think it's going to.

XIII over I

Listen, is either of these high up on my list of favorites in the series? Nope. Obviously, I is a hugely significant game for the franchise, obviously, but also for games and RPGs as a whole. XIII suffers from being far too linear for far too long, while also removing a weird amount of control from the players themselves. That said, I also find XIII in its original form to be playable. I is much more rooted in traditional D&D style play, which I find a lot more frustrating and annoying.

VII: Remake over IX

This is my magma hot take, for sure. And I wasn't intending for these two to face each other in the first round. To some degree, it's also really just unfair because VII:R is designed to be multiple games, so while what we got was WAY better than it probably had any right to be, it also is kind of incomplete. I really do love IX, but I find its pacing to be kinda wonky (wonkier than VII:R's which is also a bit off at times). And, I know, I know...I actually think I just had more fun with VII:Remake.... This is, however, the match-up that when IX inevitably wins it, I'm not gonna be disappointed though. Clearly the hardest matchup so far.

XII over III.

Haven't had access to III. And XII definitely has problems, but I found myself logging way more hours into XII than I anticipated when I replayed it late last year.

VI over VIII.

Listen, if you asked me which is my "favorite," and which I play more often, the answer is VIII. But this isn't "favorite." This is "best." And VI is absolutely one of the contenders for the best. VIII is funky as hell with its design. VI is one of the closest to perfection the series has gotten. VIII might be among my favorites, but so is VI. Great cast. Great combat system. Love the Esper system. One of the actually pretty good stories. I looove VIII, but this one's a no brainer for VI.

IV over II.

Never made it past the half way point for II. But IV is my "classic FF." So gotta go with that.

How are you voting?

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

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