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Site's back again

Posted 3 Weeks ago by Riven

One of our resident hackers blocked every single thread under multiple IP addresses and actually managed to kill the database. When the final one hit on sunday, I noticed this and fixed it on my phone, but apparently it was temporary. Additionally, my phone must've cached the temporary site because I didn't notice the site was down for everyone else until someone told me.

In any case, the database is restored for now. I'm putting in some security to prevent this kind of attack again and also a way of tracking things similar to it.

Also need to fix the main page -- that's one of the issues that led to people not knowing whether the site is down or not.

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Looks like the issue was only affecting people who weren't logged in. Basically all of the user blocks were under a ghost account which got accessed if you weren't logged in. Your session then proceeded to try to process 2 million thread blocks and the site died, except on pages where thread blocks weren't relevant.

This explains why some people were able to see the site and some weren't -- if you were logged in (like me) you were fine.

Interesting issue all around. I've fixed the ghost account issue so we won't have that specific issue again. I'm putting in some extra security to check (or maybe block) high-requester sessions; the central issue here was that someone was able to insert 2 million blocks in around 2 days.

3 Weeks ago

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