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Anybody have experience with seizures?

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Tek Shmansen

I had one Monday morning. First ever. No idea what caused it. I'm waiting to hear back about my labs and then see if imaging is necessary.

Any tips on making my back (muscle strain etc) or tongue (chompchomp) hurt less?

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My experience with seizures is all second-hand.
Maybe five or ten times?
Mostly a kind of combination shame+guilt over not realizing sooner what was happening,
followed by a combination bewilderment+frustration over not knowing much about what to do plus not even being able to do that much.

One time my brother and father — both medical doctors — were there and helped until emergency paramedics arrived.
They got something safe between his teeth and something else safe under his head and found his prescription.
They weren’t able to test whether he had a “therapeutic level” of his meds in his system.
When he quit seizing he transitioned into natural sleep, which they said was the best thing for him.

All that leads me to consider the following advice; but I honestly have no confidence in it myself.
  • try not to be alone.
  • try to have your most frequent human companions trained in First Aid for seizures.
  • a companion dog who’s good at recognizing when a seizure is imminent and giving warning to those nearby would help whoever’s around.
  • wear a Medic-Alert bracelet or something like that
  • carry an information card in your wallet for ignorant strangers who want to help but don’t know about your dog or First Aid and need to know more than your Medic-Alert bracelet can tell them.

    There’s probably a local quango that can get you started on all that.
    I imagine the dog will be the most expensive and time-consuming item.


    I have taken several anti-seizure meds for years, but all for off-label purpose.
    I’m taking Depakote right now, for instance. It’s for a behavioral problem, not a seizure problem.

  • 2 Weeks ago

    Acute seizures can apparently be caused by hypernatremia (high blood sodium), which is not hard to get in the winter due to drinking less water. Combine that with eating a bunch of salty food and it's not hard to get to the muscle twitching state. Maybe you were just very very dehydrated for some reason.

    2 Weeks ago

    Thank you. I appreciate the insight, chiarizio. Who knows what the diagnosis will be. I think that'll dictate some of the life changes. My partners sure aren't letting me out of their sight rn lol (I'm so thankful and grateful).

    Xhin, that's what we're hoping for. Waiting for labs 🤞🏻

    2 Weeks ago
    Tek Shmansen

    My stepdad is in the hospital this week. He's been fainting regularly lately, which doctors have said has to do with low blood pressure, which was thought to be caused by heart medication which he didn't need anymore. But after getting off those meds, the fainting continued. On Sunday he had a fall which left a bad gash in his hand along with a dislocated finger, which he eventually went to the hospital for the next day.

    Anyway, when he was there, he had a seizure, which doctors said is due to very low blood sodium. Last night my mom told me that he's been having pretty bad alcohol withdrawal symptoms, though that's probably not what caused the seizure. Instead it's more likely the indirect result of drinking, smoking, and a bad case of covid-19 earlier this year which left him weaker, incontinent and with neuropathic issues. It's pretty upsetting.

    Any tips on making my back (muscle strain etc) or tongue (chompchomp) hurt less?

    What part of your back? And what do you mean by chompchomp?

    I've been dealing with lower back pain recently as the result of sitting in my chair all day, and already having anterior pelvic tilt which I've been trying to work out through exercises and better posture throughout the day. Also get some soreness in the upper back area, around the traps I suppose. I feel like that's more from an overly soft and cushiony bed.

    I got a foam roller for ten bucks on amazon though which feels great, and may give you some relief.

    2 Weeks ago

    Anyway, when he was there, he had a seizure, which doctors said is due to very low blood sodium.

    Yeah both high blood sodium and low blood sodium can cause seizures (and also low calcium and low magnesium apparently). The first one seems more likely here.

    Last night my mom told me that he's been having pretty bad alcohol withdrawal symptoms, though that's probably not what caused the seizure

    Could be what caused the fainting though -- dysautonomia (aka spinal cord befuckery) can have a variety of bad effects.

    Any tips on making my back (muscle strain etc) hurt less?

    Yeah but you won't like it.

    tongue (chompchomp) hurt less?

    High-proof alcohol will numb it. You don't have to drink it, just swish it around like mouthwash.

    2 Weeks ago

    Agis- mid-to-upper back. I think it has to do with what muscles I use and don't use on a regular.

    Oh and by "chomp" I meant I bit the crap out of my entire dumb tongue. Salt swishes are helping it heal more quickly so that's cool.

    Xhin- thanks boo. Yeah I thought about that but I am not going to put alcohol in my mouth by choice like eva (if I can help it). Jan 7 makes three years alcohol-free!

    2 Weeks ago
    Tek Shmansen

    Well in addition to the foam roller, here are some other things I saw recently on Amazon that could give you some relief:
    You could also put a tennis ball in a tube sock and put that between your back and a wall. Good for kneading out sore spots.

    2 Weeks ago

    Did a variant on the tennis ball with a lacrosse ball, thank you. Taking it easy has been THE WORST. Like, I'm plenty lazy but I'm also the domestic in our house. Not being able to cook for everyone has been surprisingly frustrating.

    2 Weeks ago
    Tek Shmansen

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