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any card dudes on here need help

Posted 9 Months ago by Nexstrasados

So my car is getting up there in age and mileage, its a Nissan versa 2011 with about 195k miles on it. It had its small issues but for the most part drove like a dream. I noticed yesterday, however, that trying to go over 50 mph and give it gas would case the car to shake aggressively and the engine would make strange Laundry Dryer type noises. As on now the car is still driving, but I cant go over 40 mph so highways are a no go..Ive read it might be a suspension error or misalignment , but it sounded like more of a motor issue . Any thoughts, tips, or ideas of what could be wrong with it? Perhaps a price estimation as well would be much appreciated.
ps I have maintained the oil change regularly and, for the most part, have changed the tires out as well. It's an older car with a very storied past and Many Many miles.

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Check your transmission fluid. Also if you put your gas pedal all the way down and it starts working again that's definitely what it is.

9 Months ago

I thought the OP was going to ask about poker players and blackjack players and cartomancers and so on!

The title says “card dudes”.
The OP meant “car dudes”.

1 Month ago

This appears to be a common issue with Nissan Versa's as when googling your problem the first result I get is this:,packs%2C%20and%20maybe%20plug%20wires.&text=With%20a%20misfire%2C%20you%20will,Check%20the%20codes.
Basically, when was the last time you had a tune up done on it?

1 Month ago

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