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An idea about I had about Corporal Jenkins from Mass Effect

Posted 2 Weeks ago by -Riku-

Richard L. Jenkins is Shepard from the future. In Jenkins's timeline, Alenko died on Eden Prime. Without Alenko Ash had to stay with the bomb and no one went with Kirrahe. With both Ash and Kaiden dead when the reapers arrived, it was only Shepard/Jenkins and Vega on Mars. Without the virmire survivor, Dr. Eva bashed Shepard's head in. James crashed the shuttle and EDI never got a body. Shepard was in the hospital in replacement of the virmire survivor. That left James as the one in charge of the Normandy since he is technically the highest ranking alliance officer on the Normandy. James did the best he could but was shot down by Shepard during the coup. Shepard regained the Normandy and things, more or less, proceeded normally. However, without EDI having a mobile platform in 3, it took the crew way too long to get the VI. By the time they got to the SOL relay, Earth had been mostly finished. Shepard/Jenkins ordered Joker to fly behind the Citadel so he could take the Kodiak to the Star Child. Jenks saw the options but came up with a better one. Jenkins used the crucible to go back in time. His memory had been replaced, but he was subconsciously programmed to be on Anderson's crew during the events of the first game. Jenkins sacrificed himself so that Kaiden could live

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2 Weeks ago
Orion Nebula

So that Kaiden could live, so that I could leave him behind on Virmire.

2 Weeks ago
Jet Presto

@jet you still have Ash to get beaten up and hospitalized in 3. With both of them dying due to the geth and the virmire bomb Shepard takes the hit.

2 Weeks ago

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