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Added the Spirituality/philosophy and Sexuality forums

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Riven

  • I decided on "Spirituality & Philosophy" because the old name of "Spirituality, Religion, Theology and Philosophy" is entirely too long. I also felt that it seems more obvious that you'd be able to discuss religion in a spirituality forum than spirituality in a religion forum. Same deal with theology.

  • I merged all of the old posts from 3+ years ago that were on the old spirituality forum back into the new spirituality forum.

  • The new spirituality forum is not on the disclaimer system. Hopefully it won't need one.

  • Renamed "Politics & Religion" to "Politics & World" to sort of bring the "world" name back.

  • I added a sexuality forum. This is locked under a second type of disclaimer system -- works exactly the same except you click a button to verify your age. The wording might need some work.

  • I added an exception to the rules -- rule III-C says that erotic content is allowed in the sexuality forum. This currently restricts pornography, however that may change (see the community discussion post).

    Both of these changes were the result of community consensus created through the community-run system:

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    2 Weeks ago

    @Riven, you might want to set Sexuality to be an exception in the Site Feed.

    2 Weeks ago

    It's locked behind the disclaimer system, so it won't show in the feed unless you've signed the disclaimer (which you have).

    2 Weeks ago

    The original purpose of sexuality was to be age-restricted to permit discussion of topics we don't want the general audience, children, etc. to see upon first entry into the site. If people want to allow the threads in site feed, but not access to the forum and contents, I don't think that's a bad idea. So long as we can keep the titles clean.

    2 Weeks ago

    I don't think that's feasible, given the topic. It might make sense to have a "SFW" checkbox that might show it in the site feed but with a disclaimer (and signing the age box to actually read it). That way you could determine if your post title is safe enough to put in the site feed, or you could also restrict it from there outside of people involved in the forum if you wanted to.

    2 Weeks ago

    I think mods should be given the ability to change that as well, just in case some jerk thinks porn is appropriate for site feed.

    2 Weeks ago

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