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add your contact info

Posted Over 5 Years ago by Cetasaurus

If you'd like your contact info in the [d:842] doc, post it here! I will be sure to add it.

There are 14 Replies

Old.Roleplay on Skype. I think this works, but we'll double check.

Over 5 Years ago

wonderland.calls131 on skype.
I got that facebook too: /jenidanger
Snap: jenilandworld

Over 5 Years ago
Learna on Skype! o:

Over 5 Years ago

add me!!! :D
i dont even come here i just want to be on your list

skype: jabyre
AIM: otterotterjason

Over 5 Years ago

You're here sometimes (I'll make an RPer out of you yet!)

Over 5 Years ago
Formerly KM8

Guh, I am terrible at checking what's here. Always on Skype though! Easy to remember - Khory_Pendragon, just add who you are to the request.

Over 5 Years ago
Khory Pendragon

I'm nothing but a no good lurker, but I do have some RP experience so add mine to the list of you'd like.


Over 4 Years ago
Needs More Fhtagn

Needs More Fhtagn? Dafuq was I thinking back then? I was probably high or drunk or something.

Over 2 Years ago
Locke Bellemir

I was probably high or drunk or something.

Those are good reasons to do anything.

Over 2 Years ago
Sky's the limit

Snapchat: rpendragon44
Telegram: FTFF10
WhatsApp: 15134985878
Discord: Biggerx#9385

Over 2 Years ago

Over 2 Years ago




Over 1 Year ago

steam & twitch @ distati

Over 1 Year ago

Verily I have added thee, O HalfMoon of the Moon of the Half, and thou hast been added on Steam, liketh thine twilight haven, from whence thou art the messenger of discord, placed upon mine beckoning, and bidden has been thee!

Over 1 Year ago

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