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a blown call in our favor

Posted Over 2 Years ago by Weid man

Be honest jet presto, that second penalty was FAKE! Now we’re gonna have the votes behind our back and Carli Lloyd ss not a Kobe anymore (more like COBI$.

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I don't think it was a "blown" call as much as it was a weak one. It was, by technicality, a penalty. She had studs up and got the player high on the leg. That's a whistle anywhere else on the field. But it also wasn't egregious, so... yeah. I'd be pissed if a PK were given for that.

I'm really kind of hating the rules on PKs. I wish they were reserved for particularly egregious plays. This came up in the Japan game, too. Like to lose the game because a goal was awarded to your opponent because they kicked the ball and without having a chance to really do anything, it happens to hit your elbow so that's a handball? That just doesn't even feel like the spirit of the handball rule. Punishment almost never fits the crime, in my opinion. I think that's the same thing with the US/Spain game. Like, sure, according to the rules, that was a penalty. But to have your opponent awarded a goal for that play? Just doesn't feel like in the spirit of the game.

Over 2 Years ago
Jet Presto

Gonna be a rough game against England although the crowd will NEVER root for the brits and want to wage war against them.

Over 2 Years ago
Weid man

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