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I. Content Policy

GTX0 is a free speech (with some restrictions) platform.
Opinions and ideas of any kind are acceptable, with the following exceptions:

  1. Literal nazism or neo-nazism is not allowed. This should be obvious and doesn't need examples.
  2. Posts that are uncivil or otherwise promote a toxic atmosphere are not allowed. You are not allowed to mistreat another user for any reason, including by attacking them, baiting them or otherwise harassing them.
  3. Ideologies or ideas that are inherently violent are not allowed, such as "X gets the guillotine" or "string them up".
  4. The negative use of certain words that are indicative of a protected class of people are not allowed. Examples include "get that gay shit out of here" and "Don't have a bitch fit".

II. Behavior

In addition to the content policy, some other types of behavior is not allowed.

  1. Do not use GTX0 as a platform to facilitate illegal behavior, including by linking to illegal content such as pirated movies.
  2. Do not post graphically obscene, disturbing, or erotic content.
  3. Do not spam, flood, exploit, or otherwise disrupt the site.
  4. Do not pretend to be a user who you're not, including those who are no longer active or someone whose password you've learned.
  5. Do not publish any private or identifying information about a user without their permission, such as their location, real name or contact information.
  6. Do not reveal a user's alternate names/identities unless it is already public knowledge.
  7. Do not swear in post titles or usernames (messages are fine)

III. Rules Exceptions

  1. Staff can allow posts that break rule I-B if those users are exclusively targeting them with their harassment in a thread about their decisions. The amount of this that is allowed is up to that staff member's discretion.
  2. Staff can make alternate names/identities public knowledge, but only if doing so safeguards the community.
  3. Erotic content is allowed in the Sexuality forum outside of (currently) pornography.

IV. Additional policies

  1. Off-topic posts — These are allowed, tagged, or split off at moderator discretion. Requests that off-topic conversations be split off from the main thread will be respected.
  2. Site posts — Posts in site forums or about the site are under Riven's jurisdiction and may have additional rules on a per-thread basis, or replies may be tagged or other actions taken with or without warning.
  3. Moderation policy — The focus of moderation is solving problems, not enforcing rules. Rule-breaking will normally result in warnings, post removal, or one-hour bans. Longer bans can be used for people who continue to break rules aggressively, evade existing bans, or for those who have broken rules in extreme and damaging ways. Permanent bans are reserved exclusively for those who break rule II-C.
  4. External platform policy — These rules apply to all official GTX0 groups as well, and things that happen on them can result in actions taken here. However, things done on external platforms that are not officially endorsed (such as social media in general) do not cause actions here. The only exception to this are messages to me or messages that I can otherwise access and therefore prove that they happened.
  5. Using GTX0 to advertise — This is generally allowed, but Riven reserves the right to remove advertisements.

V. GTX0 is community-run

These rules and their interpretations can be altered by the community through a system that prizes consensus but can also value majority opinion or randomized impartiality:

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