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Site Rules

1. Legality. Do not post or link to illegal content or behavior, including but not limited to:
a. Infraction of intellectual property
b. Facilitation of prostitution
c. Sexual or suggestive content involving a minor
d. Any behavior prohibited by local or Unites States law

2. Personal attacks. You are not allowed to mistreat another user for any reason. The following will not be tolerated:
a. Harassment: You may not harass or encourage others to harass any individual. This includes leveling personal attacks against a user, using violent language against a user, defaming a user�s character, stalking a user, and encouraging or celebrating injury toward a user.
b. Baiting: You may not post a message meant to provoke an angry or defensive response from a user.
c. Discrimination: You may not treat a user unjustly on the sole basis of their race, sex, gender, age, financial status, sexual orientation, religion, or physical and mental ability. Slurs, insults, and attacks against these parts of any user�s identity will not be tolerated.

3. Inappropriate Content. There are types of general content that will not be tolerated. They are as follows:
a. Explicit content: You may not post graphically obscene, disturbing, or erotic content. Note that obscenity is not allowed in post titles, usernames, avatars, and signatures.
b. Dysfunctional content. You may not engage in spamming, flooding, unapproved advertising, or other activities that interrupt the function of the site. This includes evading or interfering with staff action.
c. Disruptive content: You may not post material that disturbs the peace of a forum or thread. This includes any material that is irrelevant, empty, or otherwise distracting. It also includes material that is posted with clear intent to offend and provoke rather than to discuss in good faith.
d. Antagonistic content: Posts that exist for the purpose of being antagonistic about subjects such as race, religion, ethnic origin, financial status, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity are not allowed.

4. Protection of Information and Identity. Identity theft and distribution of private information are not tolerated. You may not engage in:
a. Impersonation: You may not pretend to be another user, including by stealing their username, slightly modifying their username to pass as them, or claiming to be them under a different username.
b. Doxxing: You may not search for and publish any private or identifying information about a user, including information that might already be known by some individuals but is nonetheless confidential. This includes using a user's real name without their explicit permission.
c. Reposting: You may not repost information or content that has been removed by a user, mod, or admin.

Infraction may result in warning, tag, or ban. Those who repeatedly transgress risk permanent banning.


1. Double-posts are mistakes or site bugs, so extra posts will be removed.

2. Forums with a specific topic may remove off-topic posts if too many are made or ban those who repeatedly do so.

3. One-hour bans may be issued for the sake of "damage control" in posts that are rapidly moving towards rule-breaking.

Get satisfaction!

1. Global or Site-wide bans may be protested by emailing the head administrator of the site (

2. Rule-breaking that hasn't been dealt with yet should be reported here.

3. Local bans/post tagging that you believe are unfair (not necessarily your own) should be reported here

4. Users that you feel are negatively affecting GTX0, site-wide, should be reported here

5. Site Issues is an excellent forum to discuss site rules and site direction in general.