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Who said that?
Posted: Posted January 30th by chiarizio
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Trouble rather the tiger in his lair than the sage at his books:
For to you, kingdoms and their armies are mighty and enduring;
But to him, they are but the toys of an hour,
and are overturned when he turns the page.

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E.B. Idunno.

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You wrote:
E.B. Idunno.

I am not familiar with that author. Are they related to I.P. Freely? Or Charles Ulysses (“Chuck U.”) Farley?
I have heard it attributed to Rudyard Kipling; but even if he said it he might have been quoting someone.

Posted January 30th by eldin raigmore
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I found this on Wikiquote:

Tactics of Mistake (1971)[edit]
Page numbers from the version included in the omnibus hardcover edition Three To Dorsai! published by Doubleday
Trouble rather the tiger in his lair than the sage amongst his books. For to you Kingdoms and their armies are things mighty and enduring, but to him they are but toys of the moment, to be overturned by the flicking of a finger...
Epigram (p. 153)

I can’t help wondering whether he got it from some older source.

I found the page on Google Books; and Dickson attributes it to:
LESSONS: Anonymous

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Posted February 2nd by chiarizio
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