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Where are you guys at in Pokmon Lets Go?
Posted: Posted November 27th, 2018 by Castrael
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If youre still playing that is.

Im at Victory Road but Im currently leveling Up Nidorino at Pokmon Mansion. Chansey has high exp and if you combo catch Raticate you can get more exp. I think I had about 5,000 from a tiny Raticate one time. I might move my location back to Victory road though.

My team
Eevee (60): Baddy Bad, Glitzy Glow, Buzzy Buzz, Sizzly Slide
Blastoise (60): Flash Cannon, Surf, Ice Beam, Scald (I think)
Ideally for Nidoking: Superpower, Earthquake, Poison Jab, Outrage (I got lucky with an Adamant Nidoran.)

Im debating whether or not I should keep Dragonite but Im not sure what I should teach it. I need to look at her stats again to see if shes a special or physical attacker again. Catching Pokmon too much can really be tiring. Especially when I got papers to write for my class and Ive been watching SAO.

The Head May Err, But Never The Blood.
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At Silph CO but have stopped to see if I can grind a shiny Staryu. Still eludes but I've heard of a trick involving co-op that could help my chances.

Posted November 28th, 2018 by Gigashadow
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My copy is in the mail. Should be coming tomorrow. Which version did you guys get anyway?

Man the mascots have really broken signature moves. Pokemon games were not really all that difficult to begin with, bt the mascots moves you learn are broken from what I've researched, and personally take the fun out of the game.

Posted November 29th, 2018 by ShadowFox08
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Whilst visually it looks great, if I had a Switch, I'd wait until the bonafide mainline Gen VIII games comes about.

From what I've read, I have no intention of playing a even more diluted (to the point of blatant hand-holding) First-150 nostalgia cash-grab. I've played a version of Kanto four different times - if I want to relive that, I'll load up my FireRed cartridge.

Posted November 29th, 2018 by Arch
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I got Eevee version. I completed the game with just an Eevee, Blastoise, and Dragonite. Doing post game stuff whenever I feel like it. But, yeah, Im pretty much bored with it now. Catching Pokmon requires a lot of patience and you really only get more exp if you can get an excellent on the first try. V.v its so annoying.

Posted November 29th, 2018 by Castrael
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