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What role/impact does gametalk have/play in your everyday life?
Posted: Posted March 30th, 2017 by weid man
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Gametalk has played a huge role in my everyday life. Ever since I first joined the community (June 16, 2003 when googling information about Mario party 5), I have met tons of wonderful people here, and I can say for sure that this is the most friendly video game community out there (and website in general) compared to other ones that I've also been a part of, such as gamefaqs/spot, ign, and gameapy and the smash bros communities (smashboards, all is brawl, smashmods). The people here are so wonderful, and we all seem to help each other for whatever problems we are facing in our lives, so we're both helping each other in and outside the x-box. I would not be where I am today if I had not joined this community. I would be lonely, bored, and probably suicidal since I can't do anything with my body at all now except texting, and I'm trying to figure out a way to fix my index fingers so I can play smash and Mario kart and all video games and pc games with you all. Basically all of my real life friends are working full time 24/7 and most don't even live in San Diego anymore because they can't find jobs here because our city's economy is so broke, house prices are outrageously expensive and unaffordable to buy and live in for many. So literally all I can do now everyday is browse my phone (it is difficult to type on a computer because both of my index fingers were operated on and have new muscles and nerves regranted in them which don't work 100% well enough, meaning I make a lot of mistakes when touching things with them because they slip and slide and hit the wrong areas that I'm trying to touch them with).

All the things we share and to together is so nifty. All of the friends who we make and help each other with our needs is beyond beautiful. It's like a life saver and such, and keeps us entertained in times of misery. I have had the pleasant opportunity to meet six members from this community in person, and hopefully will get to meet more as time goes on.

For those who do not know me and why I have all of these inter phyaiologoca problems with my body, I was born with an extremely terminal disease (possibly worse than cancer), which affects 1/40,000 people, called Neurofibromatosis type 2 (nf2) for short, which consists of benign tumors that grow all over the central nervous system, causing damage and disfuncrion of the parts involved, and it becomes more aggressive over time until it kills the patient. There is no known cure for this diseases, although there is one chemo drug which may become a cure for it in the future, called avastin, because it has shrunk the tumors in the body for a select number of people, inlcluding me (the term for this is called necrosis), and it is progressively becoong more effective and working for many now. Average lifespan for people who have this disease is 36 years. I've talkes to many of the people who had this disease in the recent past who are now dead (one who happened to be a hardcore Zelda fan and gamer in general, he had the triforce symbol set as his Facebook profile and he was only 17 years old and only weighed 71 pounds when he passed away. I can see him playing breath of the wild in heaven right now. Then there was another gamer who had this disease and set master chief as his Facebook profile photo and he was only 26 years old| and the other gamer who died happened to have nf1 and he was a true PS3 lover and he had to sell his Wii and brawl for it back when it first started making quality games after that lousy first two year start). And that's only a very small portion of the people who I have talked to who are now dead because the tumors grew all over their brain and spine and killed them.

Nearly everyone (including me) who has this disease is totally deaf because the first sign symptoms for this disease are bilateral acoustic neuromas, and unlike nearly every other deaf person out there, cochlear implants will not work for us because the damage is done on the nerve, not the cochlea, and since the nerve is what is responsible for processing speech recognition, the implant that we ARE eligible for, called the auditory brain stem implant (ABI), can only help with awareness of sound and can't interpret speech at all, unlike the cochlear implant which can. So we basically are deaf-deaf with this disease.

That's only the tip of the iceberg for those who have nf2. What's much worse is that tumors grow all over the brain and spine, causing headaches, seizures, breathing, swallowing and walking problems, moving fingers/arms around, etc. This is when the condition becomes lethal. Everyone has to have surgery in order to remove these tumors to prevent any problems that would ensue if left alone because the tumors would damage the nerves and break the body apart, and they often regrow even after being removed. Since healthcare costs are outrageously high today, many insurance companies are DICKS because they don't want to help pay for all of our needed surgeries, and many have died because they couldn't go see the best doctors who know a lot about this disease and how to remove tumors safely surgically, because their insurance companies won't let them unless they pay really high premiums. So these people who can't afford to get insurance have to go with shitty Medicaid, and the doctors aren't experienced with this disease, so they cannot help them,and many die because of lack of healthcare.

So this is the backbone of this fatal disease that I happen to have. Where I'm at with this right now is that I am totally deaf, mute, can only swallow liquids, legally blind in both eyes, impaired index fingers, and have major breathing problems and drool a lot. I have to be fed through a feeding tube, and I wear a breathing tube that I have inserted into a hole that was inscribed in my throat surgically by my ENT, to separate my airway from my esophagus so that I will never aspirate again and that I can drink again. I drool everyday still because my tongue/throat muscles are almost paralyzed, and my saliva comes up and out of my mouth. There's no way that any of these problems that I have can be restored, so I'm stuck with this until I die. For the past four and a half years now I have mostly been just laying in bed texting/browsing the internet/Facebok timeline and chat and gametalk on my iPhone, and watching some sport games on tv. I live with my parents all alone now since my sister is now married and lives with her husband somewhere within San Diego where I live. My hand doctor thinks that my two index fingers are fine (which they aren't), so until I get both of these fixed I won't be able to pick up and hold a video game controller and press the l and r buttons. So what I get out of gametalk entertains me greatly and becomes my main hobby, and all of the friends that I make on the internet and real life basically become my family and life. So I value you all very highly and become very fond of everyone here.

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There is a charity fundraiser group for the children's tumor foundation to raise funds for scientists to invest on drugs to try and find a cure for this horrific disease, www.teamgarrett.org. there's also a Facebook page for it, just type in team Garrett on the Facebook search bar and you should find it. If you want to add ME as a friend, my profile URL is www:Facebook/com/garrettjbaumann. If you want updates on my condition, please register on my caringbrisge and click sign my guestbook/journal and click the notifications tab and select if you want be notified by email and/or text. My caringbridge URL is https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/garrettbaumann.

So there's literally nothing that I can do with my body for my life, not even gaming at the moment but hopefully that will change asap if I get my index fingers working properly again. I don't know exactly when will I die but it will most lielly be very soon, especially since I have to wear a breathing tube and I have been suffered pneumonia three times already. Theee years ago my neurauegeon up in Stanford who had been treating me for the past dozen years said that the recent MRI scans showed vast growth of the tumors inside my body and that I only had a few more months to live, so he dumped me and referred my to hospice. My parents decided to give it one more shot and chose pallable care, which I have a nurse taking care of me in my house basically 24/7, one day and one night nurse, while my parents do their busy errands that they have to do daily and sleep on their own while my night nurse takes care of me for whatever problems that I have during the night when trying to sleep. I became a candidate for chemotherapy to take the drug called avastin, and miraculously the latest MRI scans showed the tumors plummeting in size so much that this drug is becoming highly effective for me. Hopefully this will continue and help me live longer. if I had the choice of being broke and being fully physically abled or having nf2 i would choose to go broke and work 24/7 and have a normal life span/cycle. Quality>quantity, health>wealth.

I thank you all greatly for your kind support. This place has changed who I am as a person and the only real place for comfort for me. I also happen to have Asperger's syndrome, ADHD/OCD, so I only understand very few things in life, gaming being my main interest. Gametalk is what keeps me happy and wanting to live as much as I can. Otherwise I would have no purpose in life at all.

Posted March 30th, 2017 by weid man
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I just use it to waste time.

Posted March 30th, 2017 by So.o.h.
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If I ever happen to be in the California area I'm going to come visit you weid man.

Gametalk doesn't play as big of a role in my life as it once did. In middle school and highschool it was pretty important to me, though. My favorite part about GameTalk is that we've all stuck together throughout the years, even if the site itself changed. And we're all pretty different. We're resilient. Like roaches.

Edited March 30th, 2017 by Vandy
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Thank you very much vandy.. soh will you drive down from Northern California to San Diego to come visit me, my old neighbors who I still hang out with are hardcore games, they love the resident evil franchise and already pre ordered 7.

One of our site's staff members, Keith, grew up in San Diego and now lives in Los Angeles which is two hours away plus iminmemt teafffic though. Millennium heart loves two hours away from me also, as does fox forever and however. Night gamer, midnight shadows, and Dreamz life six hours away: perhaps they can all come down for a bit wiiutoopia party one day, including 8 player smash bros wiiu battles!lyeonof my friends are hardcore gamers, two of my sister's friends and her husband are hardcore games, and my assistant karate instructor is a hardcore gamer too (he's a 3D artiat for Sony). And I've got a few more friends and mu cousins too who live in San Diego and enjoy playing video game, so we've got a full cast of people who can come along. Bring all of your friends and family too!

Posted March 30th, 2017 by weid man
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If we are ever able to align a GT meet-up I think we should do it at weid man's house.

Posted March 30th, 2017 by Vandy
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My house is pretty big (has an upstairs for bedrooms and dad's computer office, had middle room for kitchen? Living and dining room, and downstairs for the family room and for laundry. I think we can hold up to 5 tv'e, maybe even more, so we should all be able to play. Oh and there's the backyard to settle and sit down to eat food, and here a Rex center w/ pool and basketball/tennis court just down the street from my house.

Posted March 30th, 2017 by weid man
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im planning to go down south this summer since my brother wants to check out some schools down there. Ill let you know if Im in San Diego.

Posted March 30th, 2017 by S.O.H.
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My favorite part about GameTalk is that we've all stuck together throughout the years, even if the site itself changed. And we're all pretty different. We're resilient. Like roaches.

I think this right here.

I also go on facebook, Reddit, and sometimes 4chan (I can stand about ten minutes at a time). The thing is, with all these social media sites I see people I know, information I have an interest in and agree with, and am in groups of similar minded people.

Gametalk is incredibly small compared to all of them, but at the same time, everyone is very unique and have pretty well defined personalities.

Posted March 31st, 2017 by Agis in the US
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This is like one of the only public websites on the internet and that is what makes it easier to connect with people imo.

Posted April 3rd, 2017 by weid man
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fuck this pls tbh lol

Posted April 6th, 2017 by FAW
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