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This Forum Is My New Home
Posted: Posted September 8th by Big One 100
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And I'm more then happy to share this forum with Count Dooku and Trever Leingod . Because this is my home and my forum. Sorry guys.

This post sings "thaaat's a moonraaay"
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internet squatting

Posted September 8th by Pirate_Ninja
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Who’s mans is this?

Posted September 8th by Freeman’s crowbar
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wtf no

Posted September 9th by The Bandit
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This post has been REDACKED.

Posted September 12th by Trever Leingod
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Don't mind me, just Redackting slanderous claims by Trevor.

Posted September 12th by Redack
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I got way more chuckles out of the concept of a forum “squatter” than I should have...welcome home kid 😆

Posted September 21st by Jedi rebel
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Welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay and if there's anyth ig we can do to make you feel more comfortable please let us know! I'm glad Kira (Jedi rebel) was here to welcome you like she welcomed me

Posted September 21st by tnu
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