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The Slow Tick Tock of this Organic Clock - Elrood (Ruined City of Zas'taba)
Posted: Posted December 26th, 2017 by A Ghost of the Past
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All was quiet in the city of Zas'taba, only wind and ghosts existed for all anyone knew. The sky was an explosion of red hues as the sun began to set, casting its dull glow over the broken memory of ruinous buildings and shells of speeders that littered the streets. So long had it sat this way, longer than most remembered or cared. There is a certain beauty in destruction, the husk of a war ravaged building carries the same sentiment as a dead hollow tree that sat rotting alone in the forest. Memories of the past are but that, doomed to be forgotten. Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles. They can be lost forever.

And lost she was, how long had it been? Did it even matter? The love she held for life had never faded, after everything she had done. Everything she had been through in this world, she'd left her mark on this world by changing it. She wondered if anyone in the world remembered her, or what she had done. Either way they lived in a world that was both better and worse because of her. There was no going back, only forward. Her aim was always to go forward. Today was no different.

Darkness slowly crept over the city, there was no movement to be seen. Even the small rodents had long left having exhausted the previous occupants disposals. No. Only a single figure could be found. A small thin figure, disheveled and alone slowly shuffled along the dusty street. A wrinkled grey robe clutching a long wooden stick to help its walking. It was clear the figure was old, it had seen better more active days. Yet it still remained. It slowly hobbled upto a large carge door which slowly screeched open, without halting she continued in, greeted by the dull glowing of fire from a hearth. Among the cargo containers was her home, a quaint fort she had occupied for many years now. There was little to be seen. Other than the fire there was a chair, several boxes and her small unmade bed. The figure collapsed into the chair with a huff, it gently placed the staff against the side of its chair. Two cold wrinkled hands raising to grasp at the hood, then lowering it to reveal an impressively long shock of pure white hair. The palest of pale faces stared into the fire, milky white eyes barely moving for lack of vision. The warmth felt nice on her skin and warmed her old bones.

It was so very fitting this was where she decided to be, to live out the last of her days. This was the planet she was born on, it was where she met her first master. She saved this planet twice in her lifetime, this was where she confronted her mother. Killed her. After everything it still ended up like this. It was fated to be. Much like her own life, every life; was fated to end. Long ago had she accepted this fate, it was surprising she had gone this long. So many battles and wars, was it luck or maybe that was fate too. There was a time when she would wax philosophical about such ideas, but no more did she have the energy or motivation to engage in such things. She was no longer a Jedi, or a Sith. She'd seen both sides, but now she rejected them both. Much like her robes suggested she was now grey. She understood there was no true path to light or dark, merely the choices one makes in life. Why reject love, why embrace hatred? One either accepts what it means to be human, or they reject it. For so long had she gravitated from one side to the other, embracing and rejecting but much like Jedi and Sith, there are always two sides. There are Grey Jedi that embrace the light as well as the dark, and there are Grey Jedi that reject everything. As maturity approached she had been far more inclined to want it all, that was her nature. But old age taught her that it was all a lie, rejection was the old true path to peace.

A barely audible sigh escaped her lips, maybe her days of waxing philosophical weren't over after all. She never could resist thinking about things. But those days were soon to be over. Reaching into her robes she retrieved a small disk and clicked it, a hologram popped out revealing a young woman smiling, frozen in time. If memories weren't safe at least this would be. She stared at the hologram for several minutes, her milky blue eyes watery, barely able to make out the shape as they strained to overcome the destruction of age. A single tear broke free, cascading down her withered cheek. She slowly brushed the tear away, looking to the warmth of her bed, calling her. Gingerly she stood, taking her stick in hand to help her. She cautiously made her way over to the sheets and sat down, unbelievably slowly did she turn and lie down on the bed. She didn't get inside the sheets however, her thick grey robes were warm enough as she lay there. Staring at the dull grey ceiling of the warehouse roof. She turned onto her side and lifted her hand to look at the hologram again for a few moment before rummaging around inside her robes again. This time she produced a chrome cilindrical object. Her lightsaber. She stared at it for several moments before placing the holodisk onto the bedside table. With the tap of a button the lightsaber lit up, its dull white beam illuminating the surrounding area. A wry smile crossed her lips as she cautiously lowered the blade to the holodisk, which instantly sizzled and melted as they came into contact.

Another tear fell down her cheek as she watched the face of her daughter disappear forever. With a small sniff she disengaged her lightsaber and placed it on the table next to it. Then stretched out her feeble hand, it took several seconds before anything happened. Slowly the hilt rattled and dismantled itself, eventually collapsing into a small heap of parts. She reached into the pile, brushing away the scrap to find a single dulled white crystal. She took it close, cradling it to her chest as she closed her eyes. She quickly fell into a deep sleep. Time no longer mattered to her, the passage of time was inconsiquentuial. Eventually her body withered and faded away, the crystal along with it. Her grey robes deflated and fell onto the bed.

She was gone forever, forgotten like all things eventually would be.


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