Space war (NIFE game idea)
Posted: Posted May 12th, 2017 by Xhin
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Just yet another idea I had for a NIFE game once some of the new systems are up

  • Two teams, with 2+ people each (3 vs 3 seems best)

  • Both teams have a Ship that they use for battle, to go around the map, and that they can upgrade. It's a Vehicle.

  • Ships can move between planets but can't go down to them; humans can go down to planets but can't move between them.

  • Go down to planets and collect things, fight NPC aliens, etc to get resources.

  • Use those resources to craft smaller vehicles, robots, human weapons and ship weapons.

  • For maybe a week PVP is turned off and it's all about exploring and crafting

  • then PVP is turned back on and the goal is to destroy the opponent ship / kill the players in it, etc. You'll probably want to continue exploring to get the resources necessary for better ship weapons and robots/human weapons, etc.

  • The game has no sneak whatsoever. Everything is visible at all times, except who's in a vehicle isnt visible.

  • Everything is automatic, no Host interaction needed (except to end the game and switch PVP on).

  • Each team has a private commlink.

  • A "round" is 24 hours -- all that does is recovers your ship's "Electricity" Stat to full.

  • "Electricity" is what mana shows up as and can be used for advanced weapons / you can interact with machines to refill shields with it or regain health or maybe upgrade stats.

  • Destroying a ship kills off all characters inside it, but the game only ends if you kill off all the other team's characters too -- since they can't switch planets they'll be stuck at whatever planet their ship was at or maybe be scattered if they were strategic.

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    Sounds like my kind of game. Count me in.

    Posted May 12th, 2017 by Count Dooku
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    NOTE: Before the PVP thing happens, you can still attack players/ships.. the difference is, if they die, they respawn at the team-specific "Faction Station" location with full health.

    Only the team ship and the team players can enter or exit the faction station.. (plus anything *in* the team ship). Once the PVP thing happens, the death respawning no longer happens and the Faction Station is locked so players can't just go in there and hide.

    Everything in the below lists are things you can interact with/use. Unless otherwise specified, they're things that you craft from resources that you find.

    Feature Vehicles (aren't crafted)

  • Team Ship -- The main vehicle in the game, this is the thing you're upgrading heavily. It also respawns prior to the PVP change.

  • Space Station -- There's one of these in the space around each planet. Inside, you can recharge electricity on anything that uses it, buy or sell resources, and talk to NPC's who will tell you how to craft things and/or give you other useful information.

  • Warp Ring -- these are actually room relationships, they're one-way warps from all areas of deep space to the closest planet. Humans/Vehicles/Robots can use these in case they get stranded in deep space.

    Craftable Vehicles

    Unless otherwise specified, Vehicles and robots don't have Electricity so can't use the really powerful weapons.

    Vehicles are good things to work with when you don't necessarily want to be on a planet/outside the Team Ship as a defenseless human. As an added bonus when they are destroyed, they don't damage any of the occupants.

  • Lander -- High defense, only (3) auto-actions each round.

  • Hovercraft -- Low defense, infinite auto-actions. Good for planets.

  • Submersible -- Like the hovercraft, but the only character type other than humans that can into underwater locations.

  • Warp Pod -- Like the Team Ship, can move through deep space. Only has 2 auto-actions per round. Cheap to produce, but only seats (1) player or robot.

  • Ugly Duckling -- Can move through deep space. Also seats (1) character, but has decent defense and has Electricity so it can use high-caliber weapons.


    Robots are controllable characters that are attached to specific players and act like their minions. You can control robots even if you're in completely different places.

  • Juggernaut -- Only has one auto-action per round and medium health, but an enormous supply of Electricity so can use the most powerful weapons in the game without upgrades.

  • Observer -- Infinite auto-actions and always stealthed. Their purpose is to see what the other team is doing.

  • Bear -- low attack, very high health. Difficult to beat except with electricity weapons.

  • Mosquito -- 1 health, 0 defense. Decent attack and cheap to produce. A great way to annoy your opponents and wear them down.

    On-board Machines

    These are machines that are on each team ship that interact with them. The reason 3v3 works so well is so that you can have one person piloting the ship, one interacting with machines/robots/vehicles, and the third one scouting. Though of course you can do whatever you want.

  • Shield Booster -- Drains electricity and recharges the Ship Shield.

  • Nano Swarm -- Drains electricity and recovers Ship health.

  • Amplifier -- Give it Plasma Crystals, and it will add Electricity to the ship, even if the Ship is at maximum electricity. A good way to use high-caliber weapons without upgrading your ship. Also a good way to increase electricity in general.

  • Condenser -- Turns Ship Health into Plasma Crystals at a rate slightly worse than the Nano Swarm. Still useful for amping things up.

  • Genesis Machine -- Trade in Plasma Crystals for Ship stat upgrades:

  • Ship Defense
  • Ship Base Attack
  • Ship Shield amount
  • Ship Shield Recovery (shields recover each round)
  • Ship Health
  • Ship Electricity (this is a pretty expensive upgrade)
  • Ship Electricity Recover -- Electricity recovers at a rate of 100 each round.. if you have a higher electricity maximum, you might want to buy this upgrade.

  • Recharge Station -- Recharges energy weapons (including Ship weapons) for very cheap.

    Note that "Plasma Crystals" are items -- you can craft four of them into a "Super Crystal", four Super Crystals into a "Mega Crystal", and four of those into an "Ultra Crystal". Or craft any crystal back into its constituent parts. Upgrades are in the Super Crystal+ range. Note that you can also find various Plasma Crystal types through exploration.

  • Posted May 12th, 2017 by Xhin
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    After I do the Sparring System update, I'm also going to add an optional "Ammo" component to it.. every time you fire a weapon it drains the Ammo stat according to its "Ammo Use" stat. There's also a specific type of Powerup that can add ammo to a specific type of weapon.

    Note that any character type can use any kind of weapon. Humans can carry around Nukes if they want to.. but only characters with Electricity can use the really really powerful weapons, and they have to have a high-enough electricity to use them as well.

    For the most part, Weapons can be crafted, although some have to be found.

    Infinite Ammo Weapons

  • Blaster Pistol -- low attack, all humans start with one.

  • Blaster Rifle -- like the blaster pistol, but does more damage. These can also have an element attached to them to do 2x as much damage on specific enemy types.

    Ammo weapons

  • Glock -- (6) ammo. Doubly effective on organic characters (like humans)

  • Machine Gun -- like the glock, but higher attack and way more ammo.

  • Plasma Gun -- high attack, medium ammo.

  • Shotgun -- (2) ammo. 8x effective on organic characters.

  • EMP Gun -- Very effective against Robots

  • Rocket Launcher -- (1) ammo -- Elemental damage high enough to break through Vehicle defense.

  • Spear Gun -- Various types (with different damage outputs), but all of them pierce shields.


    If I get to it, I'd like to do a "Bomb" update as well.. these are weapons that deal damage to everything but the person using them in a room. If I don't get to it, ignore this section.

  • Grenade Gun -- Decent damage all-around to humans, robots, and vehicles.

  • EMP Blast -- Requires Electricity, very effective against Robots. Humans are immune.

  • Nuke -- Lots of damage to everything. Requires Electricity. Very expensive to craft.

  • Flamethrower -- Very effective against anything organic (like humans)

    High-caliber (needs electricity) weapons

  • Missiles -- cheap to craft, deals damage to ships, but definitely requires a good chunk of electricity. Ammo-based.

  • Phase Missiles -- pierces ship shields. Ammo-based.

  • Antimatter Gun -- requires 100 electricity to use, does devastating damage against ships. Ammo-based.

    High-caliber weapons that don't use ammo.

  • Gamma Cannon -- 10 electricity per shot

  • Positronium Cannon -- 50 electricity per shot

  • Graviton Cannon -- various types that deal slightly above 100 electricity per shot. Very very powerful, deals as much damage as the starting health of Team Ships (though this doesn't go through shields or defense).

  • Strangelet Launcher -- Requires 200 electricity to use and damn-near impossible to craft. Deals enough damage to destroy anything in one hit, no matter how upgraded it is.

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