Some more work on the game Pioneers as well
Posted: Posted June 24th, 2018
Edited June 24th, 2018 by Xhin
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Definitely probably a v7 game but can probably prototype some of it in v6.

Pioneers uses almost all of the v6 Life Update plugins. You can:

  • Keep Livestock and slaughter and/or milk them while breeding in desirable traits

  • Farm crops using a similiar system

  • Fish (I've actually refined the Fishing plugin a lot and it looks really fun now)

    Pioneers uses the upcoming Homesteading plugin and has some pretty high foe spawn rates so incentivizes you to build bases.

  • It costs wood to build Rooms. It then costs Stone to fortify them (prevent enemies from spawning in there)

  • You can also build Roads, which require wood, stone and light sources. Roads are room relationships that prevent enemy spawns (they normally spawn when you move rooms so)

    I've been thinking a lot about fixtures you might want to build inside your bases, and came up with some new ideas:

  • Shelves, which are Containers that hold specific items or item categories (player-set). One action will dump things out of your inventory accordingly, making inventory management much much easier (Pioneers will have some kind of inventory size limit so this is important). Shelves and containers in general will also have a new interface.

  • Fishing pools that you can restock with fish you find and will slowly breed.

  • Different Crafting Tables for different recipe categories

  • Beds that reset your spawn point

  • Obelisks that change the game time and/or weather.

  • A new machine that, when given an item, will teach you all crafting recipes associated with it.

  • There could theoretically be machines that pinpoint where ores or crops are as well but that would probably need the maps update for sanity's sake.

  • Equipment stands I covered elsewhere. Basically a way to swap armor without laboriously unequipping and migrating everything.

  • Clocks, weather-reading devices and other widgets for the Weather/Calendar plugins.

    Pioneers also uses the Tools system:

  • Saws and Axes to work with trees (which are just a special type of crop)

  • Pickaxes to mine things

  • Scythes to harvest crops

  • Butcher knives to slaughter livestock

  • Buckets to milk Livestock

  • Hammers to build things

  • Shovels to make roads

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