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  • The goal of this game is to be the last King standing. Kings have 1 health and 0 defense, but are behind impassable barriers that I'll cover in a minute. Most of the gameplay takes place with Pawns, which are minions that Kings control.

  • Pawns move around a space known as "the Chessboard", which is a set of rooms with the occasional impassable barrier to a King Room. The Chessboard is where most of the gameplay takes place.

  • Kings are in King Rooms, which are connected to a "Courtyard" room that is then connected to each King Room but requires a special key to access it. Kings are actually the things that slaughter other Kings.

  • In order to access the King Rooms your Pawns must find a different special key for each King, and toss it over the impassable barrier. They can also toss over armor and weapons, which would prove to be useful in King-slaughtering.

    The game is divided into two round types: a 48-hour "Arena" round and a 24-hour "Garage" round.

    Garage Round

    You start with 200 Gold and two Pawns. You can use gold to:

  • Buy additional Pawns

  • Upgrade Pawns into Knights, Rooks, or Bishops, which have higher stats and aren't weak to weapons that target pawns.

  • Upgrade Knights, Bishops, and Rooks into Queens, which have beefy stats.

  • Make items your Pieces are carrying be permanent so they can't be stolen or moved around between rounds.

  • Purchase Clues that help you narrow down which item unlocks a King Room.

    Garage Rounds are not automatic; I'll update things as needed.

    At the end of the Garage Round, all items that aren't permanent are randomly scattered throughout the Chessboard. Dead pawns are resurrected (other pieces stay dead). And the Arena Round begins.

    Arena Round

  • Move your Pieces throughout the Chessboard, collecting items, Treasures, and fighting other Pieces.

  • There's a wait time on ALL piece-based sparring, so use the opportunity to instead detonate bombs, throw spears, and converge on an enemy with other Pieces.

  • When you defeat an enemy, it dies until the next Arena Round if it's a Pawn, or else dies permanently. For beating it, you gain some Gold, depending on the enemy type.

  • Items can be melee weapons, ammo weapons, ammo boxes, spears, bombs, boosters, shields, or any combination of those. They can also be useless junk. They have totally nonsensical names so it's not apparent by looking at the room what an item is. Somewhere in that collection of random items are the Keys that unlock King Rooms.

  • There are Carry Limits in place -- Pawns can carry up to (6) nonpermanent items, Bishops/Knights/Rooks can carry (8), Queens can carry (10), and Kings can carry an infinite amount. If you go past your limit, you drop a random nonpermanent item to make room for it.

    Remember that items that aren't permanent are moved around during Garage Rounds! It's a good idea to keep some kind of list of items you like.

    You have infinite automatic actions during Arena Rounds, and they're fully automatic.

    Useful Lists

  • Pawns cost 100 gold apiece and when they die the King that killed them gets 150 gold.

  • Bishops, Knights, and Rooks cost 200 gold to upgrade a Pawn into and when they die you get 300 gold.

  • Queens cost 400 gold to upgrade a bishop, knight, or rook and when they die you get 600 gold.

  • it costs 200 gold to make an item permanent.

  • Clues cost 300 gold and might say things like "chiefsonny's key has 7 letters" or "Moonray's key is found in the ocean", etc. You pick which player you want to buy Clues for.

  • Pawn stats: 100 health, 0 mana, 0 attack, 0 defense

  • Knight stats: 150 health, 10 mana, 20 attack, 0 defense

  • Rook stats: 150 health, 0 mana, 5 attack, 15 defense

  • Bishop stats: 100 health, 100 mana, 5 attack, 0 defense

  • Queen Stats: 200 health, 100 mana, 20 attack, 10 defense

  • King stats: 1 health, infinite (well, an absurdly high) mana, 0 attack, 0 defense.


    Treasures are items that you come across that get traded for gold as long as you're carrying them at the end of the Arena Round:

  • Gold brick -- 100 gold

  • Ruby -- 200 gold

  • Sapphire -- 200 gold

  • Emerald -- 200 gold

  • Amazonite -- 500 gold

  • Diamond -- 500 gold


    There may occasionally be Quests -- these are ways to earn additional gold. Each room of the Chessboard has an NPC in it, and every so often you can ask them about "a quest" and they'll tell you something you can do to earn gold, like:

  • Attack an NPC with a specific weapon

  • Throw a specific item into your King Room.

  • Kill one of your own Pieces.

    At the end of the Arena Round, Treasures and Quests are calculated and added to Gold totals.

    Sign Up

    If you want to play this game, sign up below! I'm not using the sign-up system because I want to host it on the Arena format, which is still up because people are playing with it still.

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    I'll bite

    Posted May 30th, 2017 by Helius
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    Posted May 30th, 2017 by Ghowilo
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    Well, I'm going to table this, build up some more NIFE systems, and go in a different direction for the next game.

    Posted June 1st, 2017 by Xhin
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