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Reconstructing GTX0 actually makes the most sense
Posted: Posted February 8th
Edited February 8th by Xhin
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I've been working on a freelance project for a client. While doing this I built a really solid framework from scratch that went up in a few days. So my thinking here is that I could do the same thing with GTX0 in a similar timeframe, and then hook in all the more modern bits of code. The database would be exactly the same -- so all posts, etc would be preserved.

Why rebuild GTX0?

There's lots of good reasons for this, but the main one right now is that the site is basically impossible to secure. Parts of the code are eight years old and procedural, parts of the code are object oriented, there are several very different frameworks acting in concert, and everything in between. I did a project a while back to migrate away all the scripts we weren't using, but the site still runs on a couple hundred loosely organized files.

Additionally, the site is really really hard to work on and has been for a while. I'm also at a point where a lot of mod tools need to be added or upgraded, and once again this is a huge challenge despite it needing to happen right away.

I would also like to be able to work on new features without it being a huge hassle. GTX0 work outside of essential stuff has kind of stopped in favor of saner projects like NIFE or Shatterloop. If GTX0 was saner to work with, I'd be doing a lot more here.

Another benefit is reduced bugs -- there won't be weird instances of posts going to [Hell] or mod tools not working properly that are impossible to diagnose. Instead, 99% of the site will be bug-free by default, and the 1% that slips through will be easily diagnosable and fixable. The site should also be significantly faster, but it's pretty fast already so that's a non-issue.

So yeah overall this is the plan after I finish the client project, or possibly during. I'll keep you guys posted of updates and will have some kind of live prototype at some point. Then there'll be a transition period where the main site is on the new framework, but you can still access the old framework if you need to, then at some point I'll disable it completely.

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Posted February 8th by Moonray
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GTX0 will return

site goes down forever

Posted February 8th by S.O.H.
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If so;
And at which site?

On second reading you seem to have answered most of my questions in your original post.

Edited February 9th by eldin raigmore
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Cool. I look forward to it.

Posted February 8th by 9x19
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GTX0 will return

site goes down forever

Posted February 9th by Vandy
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Do whatever you need to do, Xhin.

Posted February 9th by Black Yoshi
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That picture still gives me nightmares.

The transition should be relatively smooth:

1. This version of the site will be live, I'll be working on the other version of the site.

2. When the other version is more functional and secure, I'll link it here so you guys can test it out. A lot of stuff will be missing.

3. When the other version is "done" gtx0 will point to it, but there will also be a way of accessing this version.

4. When the other version isn't buggy or missing anything, the old version will be removed.

If we get attacked after step 2, I'll switch us over to the new version and the new version only, or heavily lock down the old version, depending.

Posted February 9th by Xhin
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What'll be different in the new version

  • I'm building the current version of the site from the bottom-up, so it'll make more sense as a cohesive whole. So probably only like 2-3 cyans, 2-3 grays and 1 yellow used throughout.

  • Admin and mod panels will look like user panels and might actually *be* user panels with different permissions.

  • Making a new post will be saner. I've been wanting to fix this for a long time.

  • New posts and new replies will submit to the same page, so you'll get errors on the context itself and your message will get preserved in the post itself. This also allows for some security tweaks that should make off-site posting impossible.

  • A lot more JavaScript throughout -- editing will let you edit the physical post instead of popping up in a window. There might be an option to make posting "faster" -- submit into the post, get new posts automatically. Not sure what the default will be. I don't necessarily want to make the entire site responsive in real-time -- while cool, it gets pretty annoying.

  • Posted February 9th by Xhin
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    You wrote:
    A lot of stuff will be missing.

    Do you mean, for instance, some of our posts (whether new or replies) more than, say, 20 months old?
    ‘Cause IMO that would suck, I think.
    Let us know; we may be able to save them, or at least won’t get caught by surprise by the bad news.
    I’m glad the place will become more secure against the damn’d saboteur.
    And whatever you do will be done more skillfully than if I were to do it.
    So I don’t want to get in your way or discourage you.

    Posted February 10th by eldin raigmore
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    Do what you think needs to be done to make a better product.

    Posted February 10th by chiefsonny
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