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Pass the axe
Posted: Posted June 18th by Brandy
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I took the axe wtf am I posed to do with that it’s all bloody and it looks like it’s been in and out of someone’s back.

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Careful with that axe, Eugene.

Posted June 18th by Laxan
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Wait, isn't that Lizzie Borden's axe?

Posted June 18th by Black Yoshi
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Who’s Eugene . I was referring to a song from dark lotus

Posted June 19th by Brandy
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I think you are getting dangerously close to becoming as much of a bizarre mystery as Welsh Gamer.

Posted June 19th by Vandy
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Or weid man?

Posted June 19th by mariomguy
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Weid mystery you mean


Edited June 19th by Xhin
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Sky's the limit

but what about my horse

Posted June 19th by S.O.H.
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