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NIFE: Tables, Portability and Equipment Rack plugins Notes
Posted: Posted June 2nd, 2018 by Xhin
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This plugin would create a new kind of fixture, the Table. Tables give you some specific panel access when you use them:

  • Crafting Tables let you craft via recipes you wouldn't have access to otherwise

  • Lore Tables let you read Lore you wouldn't have access to otherwise.

  • Enchantment Tables let you enchant specific things (once that plugin is in place)

    Portability / Packages / Trays

    Still haven't decided on a name for this plugin yet.

    Basically it's a system for universally turning fixtures into items and vice-versa. You can maybe use fixtures while they're items or maybe not (customizable).

    This would then allow for mining, lootboxing, crafting, etc fixtures which you can then place as needed.

    Equipment Racks

    This plugin creates Equipment Racks, which are fixtures that have items equipped to them. When you use one, it'll automatically equip everything on it to you and vice-versa, so they function a bit like armor stands in other games.

    These can be customized so that, for example, they only hold armor or weapons. You can maybe also equip things to and from them individually.

    This plugin should be pretty easy to install, so it'll come soon, however it seems a little useless without homesteading-type games.

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  • summoning tables are also a good idea.

  • Also Tracker tables

    I'll do another big scan of NIFE when I'm ready to install Tables to see all the different possible types.

  • Posted June 2nd, 2018 by Xhin
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