NIFE alpha checklist (again)
Posted: Posted August 4th, 2018
Edited August 13th, 2018 by Xhin
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More than anything, I need to get NIFE to a point where I can advertise it to potential Hosts (and have examples and tutorials and documentation available for them). I'll continue working on it too but this is essential.

I've pared down everything non-essential here and come up with a better checklist:


  • Foe editor is a necessity
  • Integrate battle actions better
  • Integrate player communication better
  • Keep the profiles the same but have better context for new features. A bigger update can come later.
  • Game Instancing, but I have to do that last


  • I really need to test Weapons v3
  • Polish everything from the perspective of a new Host looking to make a game
  • Polish everything from the perspective of a new player
  • Polish the actual interfaces where necessary (they're pretty good already honestly)


  • Document all panels
  • Write up Quickstart guides
  • Write up the actual advertising posts


    I want to make around 3 very very short games and launch them at the same time as alpha launches:

  • A general arena-type game that crams as many NIFE features in there as possible and ultimately culminates in pvp combat

  • A single-player maze

  • A single-player pure exploration game -- maybe a town or something.

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    While at work I realized that I can advertise NIFE's "Adventure classic" features as multiplayer fiction.

    This then means I can cannibalize some really really old projects's advertising strategies -- which is basically create scenarios and recruit just normal writers to be Hosts. They could create scenarios too or ideally build the rooms also. There's multiple ways to set this kind of thing up.

    Posted August 4th, 2018 by Xhin
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