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Neloth Drel - My Skyrim Character Backstory
Posted: Posted May 5th, 2017
Edited May 5th, 2017 by Ghowilo
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Neloth Drel is a dunmer, originating from under the wastes in Morrowind. He is from the Drel family, once a very powerful family in Morrowind before Red Mountain decimated the country and forced the dunmer to search for land in other areas, or else move underground. Neloth mother was a respected Morag Tong assassin and chose to move underground with others from her assassin clan while she was pregnant with him. He was thus raised in the ways of a Morag Tong assassin, worshipping the reclamations like most dunmer after the Nerevarine killed the living God's. Above all, Mephala was held in highest regard as it is with all Morag Tong assassin's. After many years of training underground, he was itching to go to the surface on a contract like him Mother frequently does and so he took up a contract as soon as he was able. He was to travel to Skyrim and kill an Argonian names Three-Toes in Falkreath. Travelling only at night and sleeping in caves during the day, he made his way to Falkreath and carried out his writ of execution. As he was making his way back, he lost his footing and fell down one of Skyrim's many steep hills. He rolled down the hill right into an imperial camp, where he was detained. After finding the Writ of Execution they sent a rider to Falkreath and confirmed with the guards that the Argonian known as Three-Toes was dead. They then took him prisoner and transported him to Helgen for execution along with many Stormcloak soldiers. He would later learn that he was the dragonborn as he got caught up in the activities in Skyrim. He would be contacted by many Daedric Prince's, including Azura, Meridia, Sanguine, Sheogorath, and Molag Bal. As Meridia is not a member of the House of Troubles, and is aligned with some of Neloth's motivations, he agreed to cleanse her shrine. As a reward for killing the necromancer in her shrine and cleansing it of his dark energies, he was rewarded with Dawnbreaker which would become his weapon of choice especially against Vampires. Sanguine tricked Neloth into a night of debauchery and as Azura is a member of the reclamations it did not take much convincing for him to do as she asked. In Markarth, he would enter a house with a Vigilant of Stendarr who was investigating Daedra worship. Unbeknownst to either of them, Molag Bal had taken residence in this house. Neloth immediately murdered the Vigilant, as he is opposed to Aedra worship, especially when it goes on the lines of fanaticism. This was not the first Vigilant of Stendarr he had murdered, and it would not be the last. This pleased Molag Bal however, who called out to the dunmer to retrieve his reward. Neloth tried to flee but found that the door was locked behind him. He nervously made his way down where he was trapped in a cage and told to bring a worshipper of Boethia back to the cage to be tortured and converted to worship Molag Bal. Neloth lied and agreed to do so in order to secure his release, though as soon as he exited the house he spurned the Prince of Rape, spitting on the door to the house and returning to his life. Sheogorath's servant approached Neloth later on in Solitude, but Neloth thought the whole thing sounded fishy and reminded him of the Prince of Madness and so he refused. He would later join the college of winter hold to further hone his skills in illusion and restoration magics, and prepared himself to travel to Solstheim in order to join the Dawnguard and hunt Vampires. As a worshipper of Boethia and Mephala, he abhors the undead and is excited for the opportunity to join a group that hunts them down instead of doing so alone. He is building a house outside of Morthal and travels with an Imperial wizard named Marcurio whom he fancies. One day, he hopes to return to his Morag Tong clan... though he does not know how his mother will take his upcoming marriage to an imperial man.

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I told my husband to wait in an ice cave then forgot about him for 3 days. I'm such an asshole.

Posted May 8th, 2017 by Ghowilo
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Posted May 9th, 2017 by Moonray
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