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My New Vegas update
Posted: Posted October 5th, 2018 by -Riku-
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I was playing Old World Blues on normal difficulty and, for a while, everything was going fine. Until the nightstalkers started appearing. After that, I started to quickly go through my stimpaks and the Sink didn't have any to sell me once I bought them all. I had started the DLC with over 100 stimpaks and by the time I was 75% finished with everything, I was down to one. So I reloaded an older save where I still had a good supply of stims and switched the game to very easy.

My latest save has me traversing the divide and I just got to the end of the high road. With the exception of survival all my skills are 60+. If you're wondering how, I made sure to give myself high intelligence when I started my game. My gear consists of FIDO, the saturnite burning fist, elijah's LAER, nail gun, marksman carbine, blade of the west, the laser detonator, advanced riot gear, red glory, flare gun (which has proven useful against deathclaws) and some chems. I'm sure there are other weapons I have on my character, but I can't think of any atm. Btw, I have yet to officially join any faction. House is dead, but idk if I want to join the NCR or Yes Man (I have a save file from many hours ago where I hadn't yet upgraded or destroyed House's army at the Bunker). I'm also trying very hard to find all the Ralphie posters, war heads, and audio logs left by Ulysses

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Until the nightstalkers started appearing.

I found them a pain to begin with (I know your pain). I am a stealth player so I am more squishy even with some of the gear that you mentioned. I did find Stealth more helpful, but seems like 75% of the time it was useless. (80 Sneak and my "Stealth Meter" goes nuts when I hit certain parts of the field).

Oddly enough I found out easier to have 100 speech to pass the speech checks (downside is the Divide becomes hell at high levels).

What are your thoughts on Dead Money? Because of this DLC I hate Traps and Radios now...

Posted October 5th, 2018 by Forte Lambardi
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I had the light step perk when I started the DLCs. I also had high proficiency with melee weapons when I did Dead Money because ammo can be hard to come by. As for the radios, I've played DM enough times to have a general idea as to where each radio/speaker is

Posted October 5th, 2018 by -Riku-
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So I'm almost at level 50 and I've barely done any main storyline quests lol. I've gotten up to asking the boomers to help me at the battle of Hoover Dam and that's it for main story. I've mostly been doing sidequests and I've completed all four DLC packs (though I'm still missing two warheads, five RALPHIE posters, and an eyebot upgrade for ED-E in lonesome road)

Posted October 7th, 2018 by -Riku-
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