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Posted: Posted July 17th, 2018 by Xhin
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This post will chronicle various NIFE stuff I've conceptualized.

Multi-tier Events

A pretty necessary update that will let events trigger for multiple reasons, for example dropping a specific item into a specific room, or killing a specific enemy with a specific weapon.

Better Inventory

I've covered some of this elsewhere. Basically this update to the Interface will make the Playerbox always visible at the top.

One thing I'd like to do is cache it and run a difference function on it every time you do something to you can see how your Playerbox changes as you do stuff.

Additionally I'd like to pull most item-using actions out of the Interactions pane and stick them here instead, so you can for example drop items by clicking on them or drink potions without switching panes. These actions will be expandable buttons that are organized better and have RPG icons.

Specialized Crafting

This builds onto the Crafting Tables update and allows for additional mechanics behind Crafting, for example adjusting temperatures, adding items together in a specific sequence, doing actions like "stirring", introducing delays and progress bars, etc. Should make Crafting feel more interesting.

Leveling Trees

This ties into both the Skills system and upcoming Leveling system and lets players make choices when they level up. New choices can be reliant on old choices, which makes more interesting Leveling mechanics possible.

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