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Jahoy hoy please ask speed what his thoughts are about this huge #1 Bama-#4 LSU game next satuday.
Posted: Posted October 29th, 2018 by Weid man
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This is bamaís only real chance at losing this season (well besides the conference title game which they may not even make it to if they lose to lsu due to tiebreaker advantage for LSU by beating bama next Saturday). Bama has to play Mississippi satste (who is inconsistent) and then auburn both at home their next games so I donít even see Bama having a slight chance at losing either of those two games especially Auburn who is sluggish right now. But damn look how good the sec east is (Kentucky, Georgia, Florida). If the sec had adopted a 9 game conference schedule like the big 12 and pac 12 do then bama would probably play one of these three teams on the east since they would need to play an additional inter divisional game so that they would be able to play 9 conference teams. They always get the easy schedule whereas auburn gets the hardest schedule which is NOT FAIR! Do you think that LSU has a chance at pulling off an upset this next Saturday against bama? You bet that bubba is pumped for this game!

I know that you work full time and have little or no time for gaming and internet and watching sports, Iíd just like to know what to expect from this huge LSU-bama game this next Saturday which I may thinksy be gam of the year, and possibly all of these other epic ranked games too (Georgia/Kentucky, Michigan/penn state, wvu/texas) if you happen to know anything about these teams, which I may doubt since you mainly follow Auburn and the sec only (so maybe you would know about Kentucky/Georgia).

How are things going between you and your girlfriend btw? Are you two engaged? Jess is engaged and Iím going to her wedding next year and Iím gonna Rick roll at the dance rehearsal after the ceremony! I hope you are in deep romantic love with your gf! Better than what it was like with Apollo tbh! That dumb bitch!

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Notre Dame not playing a conference championship game is bs. They should be kept out of the playoffs imo.

Posted October 29th, 2018 by Jahoy Hoy
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They are in fbs independent but have the hardest schedule by far. Perfectly fair and balanced and besides the teams in the fbs independent conference are cupcake teams as speed callls them. Please ask speed to come here and give me his quick testimony about this huge upcoming Banna-LSU game. Also please tell him that dawg wants to know how ucf can make it into the playoff because last year they went UNDEFEATED but didnít make it and dawg wants to know why did that happen. Believe it or not dawg is the only person that I talk to about college football via fb chat.

Tell speed that the college football playoff rankings begin tomorrow at 7 pm est.

Edited October 30th, 2018 by Weid man
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