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IRL Update I guess
Posted: Posted June 27th by Xhin
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Basically, everything sucks.

Still job hunting. I spent a lot of money and time (well I guess I would have spent the money anyway, though there was gas for two trips to somewhere 40 miles away) to try to get the job I posted about earlier, only to be told that they didn't have the budget to hire me.

In any case at that point I was almost completely out of money (I figured if I got the job I'd just borrow money until they paid me) so I spent some time scrambling around to try to find freelance work. Found something that paid 200$, spent a couple days doing it. Also found a lot of other interested parties that ended up making no sense when I actually talked to them -- one guy wanted me to help him develop a game and then when I asked what type of game it was, he said "what kind of game were you thinking we should make?". I also found some really old savings bonds that have significantly depreciated in value but they're definitely helping.

In any case, I'm doing some more work for the people that paid me 200$, however it's brutal work -- I'm using docker (which I'm still not *great* at) to set up several node.js servers (which I have zero experience in) doing a bunch of different things. The documentation for it is terrible, doesn't work half the time, doesn't fit into whatever version my image is. I did get the webserver set up finally, but it took a lot of work.

I also had a job interview this morning, however apparently I read their ad wrong and it was actually an onsite job with some remote rather than a remote job (although I'm thinking they may have changed it because I remember reading all the job ads very carefully and none of the other remote jobs I applied to were like that).

In any case, I'm still applying to freelance stuff and starting to apply to jobs again as well. I stopped for about a month because I was sure I was going to get the other one (big mistake) and then ran so low on money I wouldn't be able to drive to the interviews or like survive during the process. Had my insurance lapsed up until one day before the actual cancellation date.

I guess I'll just keep plugging away at it until I get something. Not much else I can really do. The industry has gone absolutely nuts -- everyone is using a completely different set of tools and it's hard to mesh any of that with my skillset. Whenever I get a job I'm going to take some time to try to learn some of the buzzword technologies and stick something in them in my portfolio.

Anyway, outside of that madness, I'm working on a web/javascript game called Shatterloop which I've posted about a bunch here. It's going very well. No idea when it'll be done or anything because I'm not fully sure how it fits together yet. But at least it's a nice sane project with some tangible rewards to work on (and refine my javascript skills) through all of this madness.

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Why dont you want to do an on site job?

Posted June 27th by S.O.H.
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I do, but I want it to be where I actually live. The one I applied for was in Phoenix, AZ.

I figured I could apply to remote jobs while broke since there's no driving involved.

Edited June 27th by Xhin
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Sky's the limit


Posted June 27th by Xhin
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Sky's the limit

Is your name prounced ‘sheen”

Posted June 27th by Brandy
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Is Xhin pronounced "Sheen"? Wut.

It's "ZIN"

Posted June 27th by Fox Forever
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Xhin is proniunced "ZIN". Rhymes with "sin".

Posted June 27th by Xhin
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Sky's the limit

Hence the devil went down to Georgia and crested gtx0 as speed bile pro once said!

Posted June 27th by Weid man
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speed bile pro

Posted June 28th by Pirate_Ninja
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Pardon my typo I meant to say bike

Posted June 28th by Weid man
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well I’m going to keep prouncing it “sheen” because that’s how a techno artist I like of the same name pronounces it

Posted June 28th by Brandy
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Posted June 28th by Xhin
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Sky's the limit

Good luck with the career thing!

Posted July 2nd by chiarizio
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