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He's either very intelligent, intelligent and trolling, or intelligent and nuts.

Tegmark is a proponent of the idea that reality is mathematical - i.e. that there is nothing that cannot be described using mathematical means and that, at the most fundamental levels of observation, there is nothing but mathematical objects and operations. Beyond that, he proposes that our mathematical structure is only seen as the one reality due to the anthropic principle and that all possible mathematical structures exist beyond our reality, which is the capstone point of his four-layered "Ultimate Multiverse" hypothesis.

Interesting ideas, definitely, but also very capable of being criticized. I will see if I can get my hands on his book Our Mathematical Universe and have an in-depth look at these idea before I make a decision. The book has been well-received by Brian Greene, Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku, all of whom I have read publications from before and whom I believe to be very reasonable people (even if Kurzweil and Kaku are a little dramatic).

(If only Kohlrak were still here; I'm sure he'd love to tear this apart.)

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I have not read Tegmark's book but I wouldn't go as far as he does either (even though you could describe me as a Platonist of some sort). I think there are many kinds of realities and certainly one physical reality. Some mathematical physicists are so entangled with abstract mathematical ideas that are very important in describing nature that they push the to the extreme of believing as he does. But I don't need to go that far to accept the fact of how essential (maybe even fundamental) these abstract ideas are.

Posted May 19th, 2018 by The Fly

What did either of you find out?

Posted April 22nd by chiarizio
Reply to: I'm not sure about Max Tegmark
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