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If the ice age didnt happen would we all still be a bunch of yoshis today?
Posted: Posted December 16th, 2017 by Weid man
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Is it even possible via cloning to make yoshis come back as animals?

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I rekion wed be more like the Dinosoids from tourk 2. Im cool with that.

Posted December 16th, 2017 by Urethra Franklyn
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We'd be a bunch of yoshis even though the ice age did happen. The last three major ice ages happened around 60 and 257 million years apart from each other. They respectively lasted around 40 million and 100 million years, and 2.58 million years for the current one so far. During these ice ages glacial events occur every 20 thousand to 100 thousand years and last around that long.

Presumably the "ice age" you're thinking of is the last glacial event which ended around 11,700 years ago and lasted almost 100 thousand years.

Now consider the dinosaurs. They lasted for at least 166 million years and weathered 2 extinction events. Yes glaciation events can cause extinctions but they're not on the same scale. It took yet another climate based extinction event PLUS the nuclear winter of a massive meteor impact to bring them down, and EVEN THEN it didn't do the job completely since the smaller ones became modern day birds.

Long story short. The ice wouldn't have cut it. We needed one of the 5 major extinction events to evolve from rodents into what we are now.


But lets say the Cretaceous extinction event didn't happen. The age of the dinosaurs was right smack in between the last 2 ice ages. So now with another ice age coming the dinosaurs would have to contend with an ice age for the first time since they appeared.

The general temperature of the planet will start to get lower and eventually there will be regular periods of extreme cold. The biggest challenge dinosaurs face here is their thermal metabolism. Most agree that dinosaurs were either cold-blooded or mesothermic - capable of body temperature but unable to regulate it. Both of these are a major disadvantage in very cold weather since it means slower metabolism and increased risk of freezing to death.

Needless to say the dinosaurs as we know them (the tyrannosaurus, triceratops, etc.) would not survive. Ice age dinosaurs would have to evolve into all new species more capable of regulating their body temperature. Those closer to the equator would have the easiest time and could remain mesotherms but those closer to the poles would either need to learn some pretty extreme survival strategies like heavy migration or hybernation skills, or else go full warm-blooded like the birds of today. This could also mean fatter or bulkier dinos with thicker coats of temperature regulating feathers. A lot of them would be four legged and stocky with their bellies close to the warmth of the ground. Back sails may become a much more popular adaptation as well, since the dinosaurs who did have them likely used them in part to regulate temperature.

As for the mammals, they could certainly challenge the dinos for a higher place on the animal kingdom. But while they might become somewhat larger and more diverse, I doubt that we would see anything like the beast empire we have seen without the dinosaurs. As for people, well I think the first primates were equatorial species, and as I said the equator would have become the dinosaurs greatest stronghold, so odds are we wouldn't be around.

Edited January 12th, 2018 by Louis De Pointe du Lac
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