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I was reading knuckles' thread about ppl blocking him and noticed "filter" option and I tried it on SOH and now hes disappeared and I dont know how to unblock him.


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I've always been here

Posted April 4th by S.o h
S.o h


Posted April 4th by Moonray

It looks like the filter is just a way to hide someone's replies in a specific post temporarily. When you refresh the post their replies come back.

The actual user block tool requires you to go into your User CP and add specific names to a block list.

Posted April 4th by Count Dooku

Okay now I see him. Did a mod have to unblock or is it because hes using 1 of 1000 "soh" alts I didnt block? Pretty sure I blocked :


And not

S.o h

Posted April 4th by Kaot0


Posted April 4th by Kaot0

You can remove blocks the same place you add them:
The filter feature, meanwhile, just temporarily removes someone's posts in a thread.

Posted April 6th by Xhin
Sky's the limit

for the record, the filter button threw me off at first because the other forum I visit regularly has a filter feature that does the exact opposite (display all posts from the selected user in a topic, replaces filter button with an unfilter button to restore regular view)

(don't interpret that as a request/suggestion btw; this site generally deals in shorter topics and doesn't force multiple pages like that one)

Posted April 6th by Pirate_Ninja
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