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Halo: Anniversary/MCC is a broken downgrade from the original Halo.
Posted: Posted June 12th by Cruinn-Annuin
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Wow. I just learned about this today. Kind of insane.

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I must have been distracted by 20 gold elites rushing me with swords in LASO to notice.

Posted June 12th by Vandy
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This is only scratching the surface of the many, many issues across all of the Halo games in MCC. For example:
This site only covers the bugs still left unfixed 5 years later in the MCC version of Halo CE. Many of them are quite serious, such as rockets/grenades only pushing players around without dealing damage or being able to shoot through walls or floors on certain maps. There are other ridiculous glitches in the other titles too, like Halo 2 dealing fall damage in certain situations even though fall damage never existed in the original game (and 343 has said that this is a bug they will not fix).

It's kind of insane how 343 released one of the most broken games of all time and has essentially gotten away with it. I mean, yes, the game is obviously much better than it was at launch, but it took years to get it into a state that wasn't embarrassing, and it still isn't "exactly as you remember it" as they advertised. People still talk about Sonic 06 nearly 15 years later. No one remembers or cares about MCC.

Posted June 13th by The Bandit
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Halo MCC wasn’t as broken as sonic 06 was. And overall, I think Halo MCC as it is now is a great way to experience the original halo trilogy and 4.

Posted June 13th by Q
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The multiplayer was literally unplayable for weeks after launch. You could not get a game. If you were lucky enough to get a match, you would get stupid shit like 6 guys on one team and 2 guys on another. Or you'd load a 4v4 playlist and be put into a FFA game. Or it would try to load a fucking campaign map for some unknown reason and then crash. When they *finally* managed to stabilize it to the point where you could get games, the game didn't work. Shot registration was abysmal, regardless of the server. You and your opponent could stand still, unloading your BRs into each other, and bullets wouldn't count. Assuming the bullets would even leave your gun, as sometimes they would just be refunded back into your clip immediately after shooting. Sometimes you'd die and you'd be stuck forever with 4 seconds left to respawn. You'd *still* be put into uneven games at a frequent rate, though though usually it was only a 3v4 instead of the ridiculous matches at launch. All of this stuff went on for nearly a full year after the game shipped. The game *was* just as bad as Sonic 06. But this is exactly what I mean. Either no one remembers this for some reason, they give 343 a pass for some reason, or people who purchased the game much later after launch want to offer an opinion on it for some reason.

Posted June 13th by The Bandit
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Wow. This port sucks.

The baked lighting should contain directional information regarding where the light is coming from: that gets baked into the walls so normal maps can give that bump effect. But even without direction you can still assume the light is coming off the surface. Gearbox chose to implement neither, and just strip away the feature completely. I assume the original baking files were all messed up, the original software for baking is very old, and all that would require brand new software written for modern Windows machines to work properly. This requires an INSANE amount of work to do from scratch, even for a team of engineers. And any attempt to rewrite the baking system and rebake the project would inevitably result in differences, which is why everyone basically said it's not possible.

Ironically, the actual baking is not the problem. My PC could bake it in a couple hours.

To do this properly, someone would need the original software used to bake Halo, find compatible machines to bake it with, then bake it. Or, they'd need to be able to interpret the baked files properly (not sure what that takes, depends on how the baked files were organized and stored).

Posted June 13th by mariomguy
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The collection was my first real forray into the series. Speaking solely for the SP aspect of it...it was great I had no issues with it.

I find the halo series (outside of odst)very bland and uninteresting. But I can see why many love it.

Edited June 13th by S.o h
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S.o h

It's kind of insane how 343 released one of the most broken games of all time and has essentially gotten away with it.

Only since committing their time and resources to fixing it. And yes, they have fixed a lot. And yes, many have since forgiven them because they could have left it as it was. Not many developers would be putting so much time and attention to a game that is five years old while having a newer game released after it and another high-profile game in development.

Before announcing that they would be fixing the game, 343 were spammed with "fix MCC" messages (and worse) everywhere they went - for years. Saying that it was forgotten is not accurate. They made mistakes. They apologized for the mistakes and have since done a lot, and still are doing a lot to make it right.

Edited June 14th by Vandy
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You can’t do all of that with the original graphics engines. Look at the anniversary graphics for that stuff.

Edited June 15th by Q
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Edited June 15th by Vandy
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Postums: With Halo: Combat Evolved coming after Halo: Reach, a lot of people have been asking about our planned improvements to HCE in order to bring it more in parity to the original Xbox version. Essentially, what we are planning to rework to be more aligned with legacy than the original Gearbox port to PC that is used in MCC.

Michael Fahrny: We’re not targeting it for the launch on PC, but we are continuing to investigate what we can do to bring CE back to parity of the original Xbox version.

But, what I can say, is we have dug up some original Xbox devkits that we are looking into utilizing.

Umm, also we do, well, I don’t want to publish this right now but, but we also have <ONI REDACTED> working on <ONI REDACTED> so when we’re ready to announce that, we will, but I don’t want to put that in this blog.

Posted June 30th by Vandy
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