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GTX0 Help System
Posted: Posted September 17th, 2018 by Xhin
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This update adds a pretty extensive Help system to GTX0.. however there's no actual content there yet, that will take a lot of heavy lifting over the coming weeks.

If you can edit Help files, you'll see this in your User CP. At the moment all mods, admins and Moonray can edit help files. If you want to help files too, let me know and I'll add you.

Help files are separated into a recursive category system. Adding new categories should be straightforward.

Click a category and you get this:

  • Parent -- The category this is a subcategory of
  • Permissions -- Ignore this, it's cool if mod/admin stuff is public (it might actually be helpful for users).

    The others should be self-explanatory.

    You can also add subcategories here and start making help files in the category.

    The "name" here is just the title of the help file. The box lets you add multiple help files at once easily.

    Here's what the help file editor looks like. You get a pretty big box to put the content in. I'll explain the images in a bit.

    Up top, you get a link to view the finished help file, and also one to edit images:

    On this subpanel you get to attach images to the help file. Basically you upload images somewhere and assign shortnames to them. The shortnames have to be distinct to the helpfile, but you can have different "modyellow" images for different helpfiles.

    If you click an image here on either form, it will pop up in fullscreen so you can see what it looks like. Click anywhere and it'll disappear.

    Going back to this, you get a list of the images that are attached to the helpfile. Click one and you'll get a shortcode for it.

    As you can see in the textarea you can then use the shortcode to attach the image to the help file:

    [pic:(image shortcode)]

    You can also attach links to other helpfiles via this syntax;

    [help:(helpfile shortcode)

    The [help:] formatting also works within posts, private messages, and anywhere the site's parser is supported.

    At the bottom of this help file editor screen you can adjust some other parameters of the help file:

  • Category -- The category it belongs to

  • Title -- the title of the help file

  • Shortname -- This is what you can link to with [help:] syntax. It's also the URL for the helpfile, ex this one you can get to this way:
  • Page -- This feature lets you attach a help file to a panel on the site. At the moment only User CP panels are supported, but I plan on hooking this in everywhere.

    You get this on a panel where a help file is attached to it, which when this gets fleshed out should make the site much much much more intuitive.

    If you go here:
    You get this. This just lists all the top-level categories of GTX0 Help.

    Clicking a category will show subcategories and help files below that.

    Here's what an actual help file looks like.

    Future Plans

    Obviously most of the work is going to be migrating my existing documentation into help files and making new help files to document everything else as well.

    Here are some upcoming features I have planned for this:

  • Help file revisions are saved automatically. I want to add a tool for you to be able to view archived help file revisions and revert them if necessary.

  • When we actually have some content here, integrate the help files into the site better. The formatting guides should be handy when you're making a post or reply; Feature help should be available with all features; all panels should have the help file system integrated, and so on.

  • Another thing I want to be able to do is document a new feature with this system and then mirror it inside an announcement post so that new feature documentation is automatic.

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