Foe editor v2 Notes
Posted: Posted August 18th, 2018 by Xhin
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Should be able to get to this update Monday or Tuesday.

Megaplugin update

  • All the combat panels go off in their own section like Genesis panels

  • Things like cursed equipment and combat ranges go into the Megaplugin as well

  • It'll be easier to add combat plugins

  • I want to subpluginate bombs, Spears, shields and ammo weapons-- not all games are going to want to use them.

    Basic stuff

  • There's a player combat editor that goes into a new panel, freeing up space for the foe editor and paving the way for team / pvp settings

  • Punching bags are a subplugin.

  • While you can make foes from existing characters, the default control will let you make new combat-ready foes from scratch.


  • You can add new weapons to a foe from scratch in a "name -- damage" way. A checkbox will let you specify that they're stealable (permanent is the default).

  • If the combat range plugin is installed you can edit the range here.

  • These changes will carry over to the player editor as well.


    A new set of controls will let you specify what weapon a foe uses and why.

  • One big thing is the concept of "states". Each state has its own moveset, and different moves or battle conditions can change enemy states.

    For example, you might have a Bat with "high" and "low" states -- in the low state it can try to bite you or fly high, in the high state it can swoop and divebomb.


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