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Fix GTX0: Phase I Checklist
Posted: Posted February 17th
Edited March 30th by Xhin
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I did something I haven't done in a long while, and combed through the site to look for things I want to fix outside of mod/admin/team stuff and bigger features. This will start off as a big unordered list but I'll organize it at some point.

What's ON the list

  • Integrate remaining site quicklinks back into the site better.

  • Some way of seeing the site announcements archive, or loading older announcements, or something.

  • Saving new posts/replies so you can work on them later

  • Switching the default forum view to hottest, with an option to do whatever you want instead. This is kind of a big change but an important one to make the site feel less clunky. There should also be some kind of indication of posts you haven't viewed the new replies to yet.

  • A better way of aggregating posts that you're watching. Could be as simple as aggregating the threads you've replied to in the last week or something. If I'm active here I find myself going through several different views to try to keep track of replies to posts I'm involved in, so a better system would solve some of these problems.

  • Make filter: list type be radio buttons instead of a dropdown

  • "Quote" feature. Basically splits the post into quoted paragraphs, kills anything already quoted, and then as an added bonus moves the textbox and submit button up to where you are.

  • Make it easier to look at new replies to posts without scrolling through
    the whole damn thing every time. Maybe pagination. Given how different this change is, I'll make
    sure to have options to revert it and make it easier to load older posts as

  • Handle the whole private message system better. Conversations need avatars,
    need to be sorted and categorized better, need to be automatically archived,

  • Update the complaints process / system. We do need a way for users to communicate with staff, but only with staff, and ongoing discussions should be reflected in the mod tab as well. Some other policy improvements, including tagging and ideally banning anything that goes off the rails.

  • Fix the home page, detailing GTX0's new aims and ambitions. Aggregate some of the newest or hottest posts there as well.

  • Change "Edit" links to "Source" or something unless the system thinks you would have access to edit it. You can still edit it as normal if you have the password, but this will keep new users from being confused.

  • Add a required "Reason" box to reports. Let you unreport things you accidentally report. Having some premade options would be nice as well.

  • Making the merit system make more sense.

  • Let people change the way dates/times show as well as give a timezone

  • Distinguish icons in some way for polls and deathmatches

  • Explain that GTX0 doesn't require registration in the username/password

  • Streamline the "attachments" area when making a new post. Will probably
    mean separating post types back out again and culling all the extraneous

  • Custom emoticons and bringing the old giant set back for some users.

  • Fix the problems with post icons and give some kind of indication to use

  • Edit History for OP's (I think this is a mod-only feature but oh well)

  • Stick profile links in the Likes lists.

  • Make images in OP's full width. I think I did this already but it isn't
    working for some reason.

  • For other images, have a "click to expand" action. Have "fullscreen" and
    "close" options.

  • Same deal with youtube videos. Having a fullscreen option here would be
    neat as well for making videos fullscreen that usually don't allow it.

  • Post Options menu is messy, and a bunch of those features need to be global

  • Let users set topics, particularly on the newpost itself (and after
    submitting it). The mod or a member of the "valued contributor" team can also
    edit things.

  • Turn "Filter" (on replies) into a plugin

  • Turn likes on by default, have an option to turn them off.

  • The way you can send messages in the alerts panel is probably obsolete at
    this point due to the "find people" feature and all the integration
    everywhere. So instead I'm thinking maybe an "alerts" tab that does nothing if
    you don't have any actual alerts, and moving messages out into their own
    tab which will kinda aggregate old conversations if there's nothing new.
    Should make it more user-friendly as well.

  • On that note, friends lists. Will probably do more with this feature in the
    future but for now it'll make it easier to contact people on your lists.

  • Handle multiple site feeds better. Separate tabs seems like the best

  • Kill the whole "primary username" thing, keep it something that happens in
    the background, or move it to an "advanced options" panel.

  • Changing your account username and changing your account password should be
    separate functions.

  • Get an alert when someone asks you a custom question on your profile.

  • Aggregate profile questions somewhere into "community lists" or w/e.

  • Bring back contacts. Move these (and links if applicable) into the user's
    profile. For email links, put some obfuscation / javascript in place to
    prevent spammers.

  • Aggregate post settings, account settings etc into a single "Settings"

  • Site news hue BC randomizer (this is probably pointless and will also only
    make sense to me. maybe.)

  • Social post sharing

  • MyCons, or at the very least MyCons v0.

  • There are 4 Replies

    and fix your meta tags

    Posted February 17th by poptart!
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    Yes definitely meta tags :)

    Posted February 21st by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit


    Posted February 22nd by mariomguy
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    That's phase 5, and/or deep into phase 1 and 2.

    Posted February 22nd by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit
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