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Fix GTX0: General Roadmap
Posted: Posted February 17th by Xhin
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My focus this year with GTX0 is a bit different than it has been:

  • Heavily clean up our existing features

  • Fulfill long-standing promises

  • Document everything and make things as intuitive as possible.

    The goal is to get this site to a place where it makes sense and where all the hard work of the last few years is visible like it should be. Then I can start really advertising this place in earnest (although I'll probably do some stuff before then).

    There are five main projects associated with these tasks:

    1. Core -- a fixing of the core site itself.
    2. Features -- fixing/streamlining larger projects with their own rules such as NIFE and the stream feature
    3. Scripts -- Fixing GTX0's code and database so it's easier to work with and/or less error-prone and/or paves the way for some really old feature requests
    4. Polishing -- Minor issues, layout tweaks, and smoothing out rough edges. I definitely should do this near the end.
    5. Documentation -- writing up what GTX0 can do and how to use it

    It actually makes the most sense to do these projects in order, aside from bugfixes and improvements like that.

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    Rah! Rah! Rah!

    Posted February 17th by chiarizio
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    Note that #3 isn't actually a priority.. it's something I'll do over time. As long as the site works, I'm okay with it being a mixture of spaghetti code and whatever the opposite of that is (lasagna code?)

    Posted February 27th by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit
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