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Clearing my alerts inbox, @dooku,chiarizio,knuckles,poptart,newplasticideas
Posted: Posted May 15th
Edited May 15th by Xhin


See the mod forum.


what does the isle spread parameter do?

I looked it up. It's weird and it needs to be renamed.

Basically, this determines how far away islands need to be from each other in order to generate. The lower it is, the more islands will spawn and the higher it is, the less islands will spawn. The island chance parameter already controls this, but this parameter determines more the way that islands generate.

More technically, an island spawns only if all of the following are true:

  • The tile in question is surrounded by water (means that there's water above it, below it, to the left of it, and to the right of it)

  • The tile in question is surrounded by water at the range of the isle spread parameter -- so if the isle spread parameter is 2, then there has to also be water 2 spaces above it, water 2 spaces below it, 2 spaces to the left and 2 spaces to the right.

  • There isn't an island that's one space diagonally to the tile in any direction.

    The island will then either generate or not generate based on the "island chance" ratio.

    If you set the island chance ratio to 5/5 (or 1/1 or whatever) and set the isle spread ratio to 1 or less then you'll get islands practically every other tile.

    One thing I would eventually like to do is make the generation rules customizable -- I have the framework set up for that already but I'm trying to keep these projects stable while I use them to find a job.


    No, it wasn't. Not going to say more than that.


    Yes, I'll do that tomorrow or maybe tonight.


    Thanks, I'll look into it tonight.

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    would love to know what PHP framework you're using, if any, out of curiosity. pretty cool what you've done here.

    Posted May 15th by newplasticideas

    Thank you very much! That’s explicit and comprehensive; and exactly what I needed to know!

    Posted May 15th by chiarizio


    I build my own frameworks for various things:

  • As far as the site's core goes, I have a framework for fetching posts in a forum and a framework for fetching replies in a post. This has made altering post/thread features incredibly easy, outside of more complex changes. The rest of the core is a mess and hard to work with in a lot of cases, though I've made slow progress.

  • I have separate frameworks built for MyCards, the stream feature, the Projects CP, Quirks (not that it's currently being used), secret clubs, the new dice feature, and profiles. On the whole I try to make larger features their own separate project and just integrate them into the site's core as needed.

  • NIFE is a thing of beauty. There's a low-level set of functions that everything else taps into for its own purposes, and I've also got the database set up where I don't ever have to touch it directly. The hosting panels are also incredibly easy to edit and make. Overall, outside of more complicated projects, it's really really easy to add new features and an absolute joy to work with.

  • Posted May 15th by Xhin
    Sky's the limit

    Thank you very much! That’s explicit and comprehensive; and exactly what I needed to know!

    Let me know if you have any other specific questions.

    Posted May 15th by Xhin
    Sky's the limit

    This site is crazy. Sometimes the code looks like this:

    And then other times it looks like this:

    Depending on age mostly. Terrifyingly, most of the core site looks like the first image.

    Edited May 15th by Xhin
    Sky's the limit

    Most programmers that I see will talk about how they have no idea what the code they wrote last month does, so I can only imagine what dealing with GT must be like.

    Posted May 15th by Cruinn-Annuin

    That moment when there is no @Moonray and you realise you're not the most demanding user anymore :(

    Posted May 15th by Moonray

    Replying to private messages in public?

    Edited May 16th by Knuckles3902

    @Moonray: you haven't requested anything for NIFE for a while :'(

    Posted May 15th by Xhin
    Sky's the limit

    I know, I have failed :(

    Posted May 15th by Moonray

    Depending on age mostly. Terrifyingly, most of the core site looks like the first image.

    (this is newplasticideas btw) Watching the design patterns change over time like that is super interesting. I program in Ruby myself and there's so much push to keep certain layers looking like the second image, but then you kind of end up with these big mixin modules that look like the first image anyway.

    I like what you've done with the multiple frameworks approach too. Keeps you from having one big hulking codebase, I imagine.

    Posted May 15th by El Chocco

    I actually got in touch with Mike recently out of curiosity - he told me he built the whole original site in C which blew my mind. I'm not even sure how that would work.

    Posted May 15th by El Chocco

    I'd like to see him come by for a visit.

    Posted May 16th by I killed Mufasa
    I killed Mufasa
    long live the king

    Me too. I'd like to know what he looks like, too. Have always wondered.

    Posted May 16th by El Chocco
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