Braaaaaains revamped (another NIFE game idea)
Posted: Posted May 16th, 2017 by Xhin
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This is a reworked version if the braaaains game we played a while back, with the new v4 systems in place.

  • Humans vs the Zombie Lord.

  • Humans win if they survive past round 25, zombie lord wins if he kills all the humans before then. Humans can also win by finding the Zombie Antidote.

  • The Zombie Lord earns Braaaaaains for killing humans and earns braaaains every round as well.

    Zombie Lord game play

  • spend Brains to create new controllable minions and send them out of the Zombie Room (they can't go back into it)

  • control your zombies to monitor rooms, try to break past barriers, and kill humans.

  • When zombies die, you get 3/4 of their brains. Kill your own if you want.

    Humans game play

  • Find food to recover health

  • Find scrap items, craft them into weapons and ammo

  • occasionally find weapons and ammo

  • get into a building and barricade the doors

  • camp out in vehicles and use them to mow down zombies (though if vehicles die the characters inside them die too)

  • small vehicles can also be crafted though the materials are harder to find.

  • Find random human NPC's and control them if they haven't been killed yet

  • Communicate with other humans on the Radio thread

  • solve puzzles to discover the Zombie Antidote

    Zombie Types

  • Observer -- can't be killed but can't attack either. Useful for scouting out rooms

  • Drone - a basic zombie. Has "bite" permanent weapon that deals a small amount of damage. Three auto-actions per round. Cheap.

  • Beast -- stronger version of the Drone, but also more expensive.

  • Living Wall -- as strong as the drone, but has a lot of health. Unfortunately only has 1 auto-action per round.

  • Robot Zombie -- a half-metal, half-zombie contraption that can be crafted from human flesh and scrap metal by one of your other zombies. Not weak to fire attacks that other zombies are weak to, and high defense so weak human weapons can't get in at all.

  • Ninja Zombie -- a Beast that starts out stealthed. As soon as they attack they're just a normal beast.

  • Alpha Zombie -- stronger than the Beast, and more health too.

  • Bloater -- when they die, deals damage to everything in the room (including your own zombies unfortunately), but can deal a lot of damage to a lot of humans.

  • Omega Zombie -- as strong as the Beast, has as much health as the living wall, resistant to fire, and has defense equal to the Robot Zombie. Expensive but very effective.

    Minion System upgrade

    For the sake of sanity, the Zombie Lord will be able to do the following:

  • Rename zombies -- this name will show up only on the minion control screen

  • put zombies into "groups"

  • Do some auto-action for all zombies in a specific group (ex -- move, attack) or room, provided they can.

  • See a list of all zombies/groups in specific rooms

  • See a list of all zombies in a specific group and what room they're in.

    Human Weapons

  • Baseball bat, Sword, etc -- items with low attack but don't require ammo.

  • Pistol -- decent attack, ammo is easy to find/craft

  • Shotgun -- good attack, can kill a Drone in one hit. Ammo is harder to craft.

  • Flamethrower -- like the shotgun but 2x damage on almost all zombie types. Ammo is significantly harder to craft.

  • Cattle prod -- weak on normal zombies and a shotgun amount on Robot and Omega zombies. Ammo can't be crafted and has to be found.

  • Taser -- stronger version of the cattle prod. The taser itself can't be crafted, nor can the ammo.


  • Protein Bar, ramen noodles, pork rinds, etc -- recover some health

  • MRE -- fill your health to max.

  • Energy Drink, coffee, etc -- increases your base attack Stat permanently

  • Booze (various names) -- increases your maximum health permanently.


  • Mechanic Shop -- has vehicles and vehicle parts

  • Prison -- very easy to barricade

  • Bar -- lots of booze, too many exits to barricade effectively

  • Grocery store -- lots of food but also things that look like food and can't be used for food

  • Graveyard -- where zombies go when they get out of the zombie room. Not recommended for humans!

  • Gun Shop -- find guns here, including rare strong guns not on this list.

  • House -- misc rooms with various items. Maybe a vehicle. Probably have controllable humans in them.

    Human Roles

    Depending on the number of players, there might be roles duplicated or unused.

  • Veteran -- higher base attack

  • Wrestler -- much higher health

  • Drone enthusiast -- has a controllable UAV that they can use in much the same way as the Zombie Lord can use an Observer. Observers and UAV's get a lot of auto-actions per turn, but can't pick up items.

  • Real Estate Agent -- starts out with a Map item that shows where some of the rooms are in relation to each other.

  • Cowboy -- starts out with a pair of pistols and some ammo for them

  • Grease Monkey -- starts out with useful scrap material that can be crafted.

    All humans start off with (2) protein bars and some kind of weak melee weapon.

    Rounds and Misc gameplay stuff

  • There are no manual actions.

  • the Zombie Lord has infinite automatic actions.

  • Zombies have a limited amount of automatic actions (depending on the type)

  • Playable Humans have a very high amount of automatic actions (like 10-15)

  • Controllable Humans and Vehicles have less auto-actions (like 5 maybe).

  • Rounds last 36 hours. All they determine is when brains get added to the Zombie Lord, as well as win conditions. And also regenerates auto-actions for characters whose auto-actions aren't infinite.

  • While the Zombie Lord can move zombies and initiate their attacks, humans that come across them do battle with them as though they were NPC's -- this should make the game much faster and easier on the Zombie Lord. The Zombie Lord can set strategies for each of his minions. Same deal with controllable humans.

    Win Conditions

  • If any human survives to Round 25, the Humans win.

  • If all humans are dead after Round 25, the Zombies win.

  • If anyone finds the Zombie Antidote (and also picks it up), the Humans win.

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    I actually was really fond of this game but it just became such a pain in the ass to manage as it progressed and it's one I would really like to try hosting again with using NIFE.

    I think aside from Aliens, this is the one people tend to remember the most (could be wrong but it's the one that gets mentioned more than the rest when I am talking to people about Adventure).

    Posted May 16th, 2017 by Moonray
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    We could theoretically play it with existing systems too, I think the new systems would make it funner though.

    Posted May 16th, 2017 by Xhin
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    I wouldn't really want to do it without automating the currency, minion creation and combat first.

    Edited May 16th, 2017 by Moonray
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