GTX0 has ended

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What's going on here?

A lot has happened over the past couple years to GTX0, my life, and the world in general. The last time a message like this appeared, the old site had just been destroyed and I was working on building a new platform from scratch. Since that time, the community has repeatedly fractured, become inactive or been pressed by a newly chaotic world into spending time elsewhere.

I think there's hope for Gametalk still, but I am no longer equipped to handle it. I lack the free time, drive, and community support needed to continue to operate the site. I've become largely burned out on what I built here, and as the site activity dwindles or becomes increasingly chaotic, I have noticed just how much of my own energy and time I was pouring into GTX0 at the expense of my own life. And yet, rather than worrying about the lack of activity like I normally would, I have felt enormously free to pursue other projects and dreams.

Something Mike Pooler said when I interviewed him really stood out to me:

Over the last year I reached this point myself. Can't give up, can't carry on, have a snowballing to-do list, and through it all still care a lot about the platform and community that was built here. GT is my internet home, and while I can no longer bring myself to maintain it, I can make sure that it goes to a good home too.

Given all this, I have given the platform and database to Weird Occurance, who is now running a site called GT For All. I have no responsibility there (by choice), but I'll still be around to help her with the code or to offer advice or just to post as a normal user. Weird Occurance is enormously capable in a lot of different ways, and I'm sure she'll do well in carrying on GT's legacy.

Since I'm still heavily reliant on the GTX0 platform for my own projects, I've set up a separate GTX0 to host them called Xhin's Private GTX0. Feel free to stop by if you're interested in anything else I'll be doing after GTX0, but please don't use it as a general GT platform - I'd rather the community move on to greener pastures.

In summation, it's been an honor serving GT for 12 years. I hope that my choices here can take a first step towards repairing some burned bridges, and I look forward to what the future holds for our community.

You are not forgotten, Gametalk X.0.
May you live on in good memories as GameTalk has.
September 25th, 2009
September 25th, 2021