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Where do you live?

SouthEast Michigan, USA

Tell us about yourself.

As a boy in 1959-1960 I spent 19 months near Vellore in TamilNadu (it was Madras State then) in South India.

As far as I know that’s the most interesting tidbit of gossip about me that isn’t mentioned or hinted at in my answers to the other questions.

What are you in school for?

I am All But Done, or All But Dissertation, for a PhD in pure Mathematics. I actually wrote my dissertation. My advisor told me that he knew I had proven enough new theorems to deserve a doctorate, but that my dissertation was so confusing only he would be able to tell that by reading my dissertation. He advised me to just rewrite the dissertation — no need to prove any new theorems first. I just never did it. If I’m retired now, he and nearly everyone on my committee must be retired also, even assuming they’re all still alive. So I’ll just have to accept that my nieces and nephews will all get doctorates before I will.

What kind of work do you do?

I am disabled and retired.
But I was a Systems Programmer for a long time;
after which I became a Maintenance Programmer for several software products of the types Systems Programmers and other programmers use.

I want to be a teacher or tutor, I think. Social Security will let me work now. I’ve aged out of disability insurance so I no longer have to worry about losing that. And my brother wants me to work, even if it’s for free.

What is your history with GTX0?

Just joined late January of 2019.

What are your political leanings?

I am a constitutional conservative of the USAnian type.
A “Classical Liberal”. But with pragmatic compromises.
Up until about January 20 2017, a Teddy-Roosevelt-style Republican.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Rock & Roll
My Daughter
Hard Sciences
Science Fiction
Classical Music
Top 100 Pop Music
Music of Other Cultures
Cooking, (or maybe just eating!)
Puns & Word-Play (“Dad Jokes”)
Computing, especially Programming
Recently discovering an interest in Soft Sciences too
Other people in my family younger than me (there are fewer and fewer who are older)

This list is not in any order. One day maybe I ought to sort it somehow.

What are your spiritual/religious leanings?

For health reasons I have abandoned any belief in any god.

For much less intrinsic reasons I also don’t believe in any spirits, though that’s a more recent opinion, and also not as firmly held. I’d be willing to be persuaded otherwise; I just don’t bet that it’s gonna happen.

What's the best way to contact you outside the site?

E-mail me at

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