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GTX0 Principles

1. Basic Platform

  • a. GTX0 is a place to talk with or interact with other users about a variety of subjects.

  • b. The GTX0 community is an important part of the decision-making process, the featureset, and the structure of the site.

  • c. Individual GTX0 users are also valuable -- their ideas and opinions should be considered.

    2. Design

  • a. GTX0's design is a dark layout, with grays, blacks and blues/cyans used as blocks, and yellows used as highlights. Other colors are used in moderation.

  • b. GTX0 should have a simple layout and be intuitive to use. Excessive extra features and options should be hidden by default.

  • c. Replies should take up very little room. Seeing your post and other people's posts should be easy.

    3. Features

  • a. GTX0 has always and will always be features-driven. It should have both unique features and a lot of optional customization. However, this shouldn't impact its simplicity.

  • b. GTX0 tries to keep your interactions with it centralized -- if some external feature can be made in GTX0 it will try to do that. If there are public GTX0 groups, they should be officially endorsed.

  • c. It should be extremely easy to post on GTX0. Posing is GTX0's lifeblood, so the easier this is the better.

  • d. Having multiple usernames (or whole identities) is allowed and there should be tools to assist you with this.

  • e. Privacy and "fresh starts" are important. Your identities or explicit activity shouldn't be exposed to anyone else. While moderators may be able to track you, they are not allowed to share this with anyone else.

    4. Content / Moderation

  • a. GTX0 is neither a free-speech platform nor a community-standards platform. Ideas can be expressed freely, however the way they're expressed is important, and those that express offensive opinions in disruptive or bad-faith ways will be removed from the site.

  • b. Since GTX0 is user-driven, a lot of leniency is given in moderation -- the focus of moderation is solving problems, not enforcing rules. Bans should be rare.

    5. Disputes

  • a. Disputes should be hidden from public view, even if they're open to public debate.

  • b. All decisions and authority can be questioned, and this is encouraged.

  • c. Disputes against other users or staff should be open to "public" discussion, unless the disputer agrees to solving it privately.

  • d. Staff vs staff disputes should be handled in staff forums or privately.

    6. Sub-communities

    Sub-communities are communities that have a presence on GTX0 and are integrated with it, but might be very separate at first.

  • a. Sub-communities should have their own local jurisdiction, even if it conflicts with other GTX0 principles. The exact extent of this will vary, but it's important that sub-communities don't interfere with other sub-communities or general GTX0 areas.

  • b. Representatives of that sub-community should have a place on the general staff. In the case of large site merges, they should become administrators. If there are no representatives they can be hand-picked or maybe voted on.

  • c. The goal with sub-communities is to merge with them over time -- their ideas and features should become a part of GTX0's vision and featureset, their staff should be normal GTX0 staff, and their members should be indistinguishable from anyone else.

    7. Staff hiring policy

    Outside of these concerns, there are also three additional reasons to hire staff:

  • a. Someone is very active in a community that doesn't have a representative (or an active one) and is basically running it already. This person should be hired so they have the tools to do that more effectively.

  • b. Someone disagrees with GTX0's direction, has better ideas, and also has the backing of the community. This person should become an administrator so they can do what needs to be done. These will probably resign at some point due to disagreements with Xhin, but their improvements will remain.

  • c. Those that exploit the site and aren't malicious about it should be hired in as responsibility-free administrators so they can probe the site's weaknesses constructively.

    8. Riven involvement

  • a. Riven tries to be personally involved in all of GTX0's endeavors, giving them tools or support as needed.

  • b. Riven reserves the right to add features or meta-systems (like this document) without community feedback. Community feedback is valuable and considered, however.

  • c. With this new version of the site, Riven is aiming to be more hands-off with community discussions, and more principled when deciding against a majority opinion.