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Welcome to GTX0, people from the CWBB! 22Xhin
January 31st
Orcish 4Cruinn-Annuin
What if 'my' marriage systems were instituted globally *here* and *now* on
RL Earth?
August 12th
Mourning among Kaibyou 5linguistcat
August 8th
Modeling the Reptigan Union's Space 26chiarizio
July 24th
Reptigan Union's Star-Systems' Human Populations 30chiarizio
July 24th
A Network of FTL Portals for Reptigan ? How to Build One? 1chiarizio
July 16th
Grouping emotions, and culturally appropriate emotional responses 9linguistcat
July 15th
Late Reptigan's rules about marriage 3chiarizio
July 15th
About how big do I want the late Reptigan republic/empire to be? 21chiarizio
July 15th
Half-Sibling Bigynandry Versus Double-Cousin Marriage As
Multi-Generational Customs
July 11th
What is better under what circumstances? 7chiarizio
July 8th
Rules against marrying affine relatives (in-laws and step-relatives) 5chiarizio
July 2nd
Shatterloop Lore 2Xhin
June 20th
Ataivsh. (MSFUNMRFCW thread #2) 45chiarizio
June 16th
Matriarchal societies living near/within patriarchal societies 19linguistcat
May 27th
Science/Magic Crossovers 11chiarizio
April 23rd
What?s your favorite population size for an Earth-like planet??? 15chiarizio
April 8th
How big (radius or volume, not population) should a polity of space-going
humans be?
March 29th
Danpyr worldbuilding 7linguistcat
March 14th

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