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09/11/2001 WE REMEMBER
What states do you see Trump flipping this year? 30Nique204
(Jet Presto)
Last Night
Trump’s plan for peace between Israel and Palestine 2eldin raigmore
(eldin raigmore)
Yesterday Evening
Should there be an age restriction on Presidental Candidates 12ShadowFox08
(Fox Forever)
Yesterday Evening
Breaking News: Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash 9ShadowFox08
(eldin raigmore)
Yesterday Afternoon
In regards to interracial marriage 85 has a point. 25S.O.H.
(Grey Echelon)
Yesterday Morning
US Voter Turnout 18eldin raigmore
(eldin raigmore)
Trump family really has no decency and I hate how it's becoming a norm for
U.S. Politics Proposal: If it Takes 2/3 of the Senate to Convict, it
Should be Harder for the House to Impeach.
(eldin raigmore)
Hillary Clinton: Nobody likes Bernie Sanders 18ShadowFox08
January 22nd
CNN blatantly targeted Sanders during the last debate and the Warren vs
Sanders debacle
16Grey Echelon
(Grey Echelon)
January 20th
"Impeachment will assure Trump's reelection" 10Nique204
(eldin raigmore)
January 20th
Reply to a reply in a different subforum 29chiarizio
January 19th
Mandatory retirement ages for judiciary, legislative, and executive
(eldin raigmore)
January 18th
War with Iran 6S.O.H.
(eldin raigmore)
January 17th
Let's talk about toxic masculinity 109x19
January 17th
Iran launches mussels at US AIR base in Iraq 34Your Local News.
(eldin raigmore)
January 16th
epstein jail footage accidentally destroyed 29x19
(eldin raigmore)
January 15th
War and reelection 16Nique204
January 10th
Trump orders an assassination of a top general from Iran in Iraq 1ShadowFox08
January 4th
happy 2020 9EN
(eldin raigmore)
January 2nd

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